To Accomplish, April 2010

I had trouble putting together goals for this month.  Perhaps it’s because most things just seem to be chugging along without needing much input from me.  What most of my goals need is simply time.  I can’t save everything I need for a Roth IRA in one month (and I actually have decided to wait to fund it.  If Chad gets a job soon, we may not qualify, and if he doesn’t, it might be prudent to wait to stick the money in there until absolutely necessary). I have to wait and work a few more weekends before I can count on having the cash savings I need.  I’m not the kind of person who is in danger of spending all of her leftover cash, so saying, “Save $1000 this month” is writing a goal for the sake of writing down a goal.

To Accomplish, April 2010

1. File taxes.
Uh, because I’m required to by law. 

2. File expense report for LA trip.
Because I want my money!  Also because I’m required to by company policy.

3. Make Chad apply to grad school.
I don’t know if we’re going to get this done.  This was left until extremely late (ahem, Chad…), and the application deadline is May 1st.  I’d like to at least try, though, since I think grad school would be a decent backup plan if some job possibilities fall through.

4. Read 2 of the Jane Austen books in my anthology.
What I enjoy about reading Jane Austen is that her novels read like trashy romances, but you get a lot more credit for them!  It’s like reading Shakespeare: once you get around the language, it’s really just a soap opera dressed up in old-fashioned clothing.  I mean, with some literary merits thrown in, but mostly, the plot keeps you reading when the literary merits might not.

5. Run the 10-mile race!
Can’t wait for this to be over.  I appreciate that it has helped me get into better shape, but there is a distance (for me, anything over 6 miles) where running ceases to be a joy and starts being a pain in the ass.  An old track coach said that once you’re running longer than about 40 minutes, you’re doing more damage to your body than good for your body. (Of course, we were running faster than my current pace, which is best visualized by imagining someone walking backwards.)

6. Run 12 miles per week, even after the race is finished.
What I don’t want is to revert to my former slothlike lifestyle.  I don’t intend to keep up the 7-mile weekly runs because my ankles/knees just can’t handle it, but by running 3-4 miles, I can still maintain a reasonable level of fitness.


2 Responses

  1. Not to be Debbie downer, but,

    I don’t know Chad’s field of study for Grad school, and it depends on the school and program, but some places have filled spots well before the application deadline. A lot of my friends who went the grad school route knew where they would be around this time of year. It makes sense if you think about someone who would go straight from undergrad, they need to know in advance if they should be job hunting instead.
    (Disclaimer: I’m in a science field. MBA programs or things like that could be different.)

    It can’t hurt to call and make sure that the school is still taking applications before you waste $50 or whatever to apply for an already-filled seat.

    • That is a good point, he’s going to be applying for an engineering program. I applied really late for mine, though, and still managed to get accepted. Mostly I wanted him to have the backup plan in place just in case his current job prospects don’t pan out.

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