March Wrap-Up

Fun fact: my stomach can’t handle that many burritos.

1. Do our taxes. Done!
I finished doing them, we just haven’t submitted them yet.  It was stupid hard – for some reason, my company withheld taxes for more income than I earned!  It’s pretty confusing, and I’m hoping that I managed to do it right.

2. Adjust my 401K contributions. Done!
This was pretty easy.  5 seconds on the 401K website, and I’m good to go until  August or so, when I’ll have to make one more downward adjustment.

3. Run at least 16 miles per week, with one run of 8+ miles. Done!
I almost didn’t make it last week when I was travelling, but running on the beach made me actually want to extend my last run to 7 miles.  So I did!  Only one 8-mile run, but I felt OK afterwards (except for my ankles, which are puny and tiny and tend to ache after 5 mile runs).

4. No spending money on new clothes. Done!
This could have turned out really badly since I went shopping multiple times in California.  Visited Anthropologie and a bunch of small boutiques near where I used to live.  Somehow I found the willpower not to buy anything!  And Thursday marks the end of this ban, but I might wait until the weekend so I can shop with my sister.

5. Have Chad max out his Roth IRA for 2009. Maybe?
He pulled the money from savings, but who knows if it’s actually been put into the Roth yet.  I tend to give him assignments and forget to follow up.

6. Read the Jane Austen anthology my mom loaned me. Epic Fail.
I made it through Sense & Sensibility, but then abandoned the anthology to read Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters.  Also, I didn’t realize it when I made this goal, but the text in this anthology is tiny!  I should have forced myself to read separate books, just so I’d get credit for more pages. 😉


One Response

  1. Your goal-setting for March seemed to have worked out well since the majority of your goals were accomplished. Not only that, what you didn’t complete is on your goal-setting sheet for April. That’s the perfect way to make it happen. I commend you for the excellent follow up. I will certainly take lessons from you and do what I need to do to get tasks accomplished. Good job.

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