Sneaking a Peek Episode III: The Salary Strikes Back

Subtitled: Beating the Dead Horse

I realized today that I am weird.

I post my innermost financial secrets on the internet, along with pretty detailed information on my savings & retirement accounts and my loan balances. The only thing I don’t feel comfortable sharing is my salary.

I’m OK with sharing a range. After all, my readers don’t know where I might lie in that range. Somehow, that slight indefinability seems safer. Keeping that one number secret seems to make all the other revelations unimportant. It keeps me just mysterious enough. Without it, you can’t define me.

High/low. Important/not important. Rich/middle class/poor.

Of course, all of this is silly. You can define me by an income range just as easily as with a number.

It feels weird, but in a quick run around my blogroll shows that it’s also pretty common. In a sea of posts on debt repayment and savings accounts, there isn’t a peep about salary.

Perhaps we all want something to keep to ourselves. One little thing.


8 Responses

  1. I feel kind of the same way, although anyone could easily add up the raises and figure out what I am making from when I first started… but I know how you feel. Anonymous blogging is so… open that it makes it feel like one big contradiction. 🙂

  2. lol. Well, I equate not revealing your salary to wearing pasties. I mean, you’re already flashing everything else, so why would anyone even bother with those things?! I guess you have the right to still keep SOMETHING private, right? (Or am I just weird for even taking this conversation there?)

    I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my salary in the past, I just don’t like talking about it repeatedly for some reason. It’s weird, as anonymous personal finance bloggers, aren’t we all a little weird to begin with? 😉

  3. I put it all out there which is kind of scary now that there are people (albeit other pf bloggers) who know who I am. My salary is on the blog somewhere a while back.

  4. I think sharing salary is less invasive than net worth or issues about family dynamics and money. Besides salary doesn’t matter as much compared to those other things. After all you might earn $350K as a doctor but have huge piles of debt and no savings. Or you could be a docent at the museum but be sitting on a 7 figure trust fund.

    I share my detailed budget each year (including income) as well as specific figures when going over raises.

    If I’m going to tell you how educated I am, what my job is, etc then you might as well know how much I make! It’s the most useful kind of information to compare anyway, plus the most interesting/enlightening sometimes. I’m always surprised by how much or little people in different professions earn.

  5. I’m not sure if I’ve ever explicitly stated how much I make, but I don’t think it’s too hard to work out. Then again, you’d probably have to be paying close attention.

  6. I agree with Meg. Net worth and where your money sits (to me) is way more personal than salary.

    Perhaps I feel different because I don’t really have a set salary…. even so, with budget postings, people could figure it out if they really wanted.

  7. I like a bit of weird, so you have a new reader! I also blurt everything on my blog and sometimes wonder if I say too much. Then it dawns on me that nobody cares in the slightest and I feel better…

  8. I’ve avoided mentioning actual salary on my blog, too, and I’m not sure I have a rational reason why that’s a “secret” whilst my entire net worth and where and how I keep my money is not.

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