To Accomplish, March 2010

I’m traveling back to LA for work this month.  My plan is to eat nothing but burritos for the whole trip.  I’m fairly sure I can accomplish this without even repeating a restaurant.  Ultimately, my goal is to be so sick of burritos that I won’t crave them until the next time I can travel out there.

Anyway, if I accomplish my burrito goal, I’ll consider March a success.  Just in case I break down and have a quesadilla one day, though, here are some other goals!

To Accomplish, March 2010

1. Do our taxes.
I think we might end up owing this year.  I really, really hope we don’t because that may be enough to drive me back to budget insanity.  At any rate, if I do them this month, I’ll at least have time to scrounge up the money.

2. Adjust my 401K contributions.
I carried over my percentage contribution from the end of 2009 (when I was trying to max it out), but once I get my raise, I’ll have to adjust the number down.  That’s a good thing – it will give me more cash to work with!

3. Run at least 16 miles per week, with one run of 8+ miles.
Today is my first 7-mile run, and I brought in my big iPod Touch so I can watch a movie while I run.  I think I’ve mentioned that my worst problem when running on the treadmill is BOREDOM. Staring at the wall is only fun for about 20 minutes. 

Only one super-long run required, though I may try to do 2.  Mostly, I just need to know that I can do it.  After all, if I can do 8, I can do 10!

4. No spending money on new clothes.
As always, the rule does not extend to accessories.  I’m also going to loosen this and say that I can use gift cards if I find or receive any.  I’m really just hoping that nothing from my wish lists goes on sale this month; I only have so much willpower!

5. Have Chad max out his Roth IRA for 2009.
This should be at the top of the list, but I don’t really feel like renumbering.  Anyway, although it pains me to give up cash, it really would be smarter not to miss the chance to put that money in.  Since he can only put in until we file taxes, this is the month!

6. Read the Jane Austen anthology my mom loaned me.
This is 1100 pages of pre-Victorian romance.  I’ll probably skip Pride & Prejudice since I read it in January (just after I Read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies), but that still leaves me with 4 novels worth!  This may be a bit of a stretch goal since I (hopefully) won’t have any snow days, but we’ll see.


7 Responses

  1. I’ve been re-reading all of my Jane Austen books over the past few months. You’ll love them once you get started! 🙂

  2. Um… where do I sign up for this burrito goal club? I want in!

    And I’m so dreading doing my taxes. So un-fun.

  3. I hate the impact of running on a treadmill, but like you, most of all I hate the boredom of staring at a wall! Hence why I never used the gym at our old apartment. And why I’ll probably struggle to keep running in the winter.

  4. But what if you get so sick of burritos that you never want another one again?

  5. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be a party pooper, I heartily support your burrito mission and would be glad to have one with you.

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