February 2010 Wrap-Up

February is such a short month, but it always feels so long. I guess part of this may have been because I was cooped up in our apartment for multiple days due to the snow. I always thought I’d enjoy sitting on my ass for weeks on end, but apparently not.

February 2010 Wrap-Up

1. Save all but $200 of my bonus. Done!
I’m saving most of my portion for my birthday shopping spree in April.  The only thing that’s difficult is keeping track of the numbers in my budget.  I used to have a separate account for personal spending, but I closed it when we moved (since it was a California-only credit union).

2. Don’t spend any money on new clothes. Done!
The dress I was going to wear next weekend still fits, and I decided that I could squeak by on the accessories I already have. I did buy one thing that I’d been wanting for a long time – a faux-fur scarf.  I’ll probably do a post sometime with the stuff I did allow myself to buy – remember, accessories weren’t included in the shopping ban!

3. Run at least 12 miles per week, and have 2 weeks where I run 6 miles. Mostly.
The snow threw a kink in my plans, so there was one week where I didn’t quite meet my goals because I was only able to run twice. I think I made up for it during the rest of the month so that my average was above 12 miles.  Still have 6 more weeks of training!

4. Do yoga 2x per week. Fail.
Again, the snow really ruined this. Classes were canceled for ~ 2 weeks, but I haven’t really made it a priority, either. It’s so weird how I can avoid something that I enjoy.

5. Finish the 1,000-page Stephen King book my Mom got me. Done!
The one goal that the snow helped me meet!I managed to finish it during the second or third day off work. You know, I have always loved Stephen King, but his endings aways leave me vaguely disappointed. I think it might be because he never has really happy endings. Someone always dies. I hate that.


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  1. Yoga is awesome! Where do you do it? And I agree, the snow ruined a whole bunch of fun stuff 😦

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