So far, I’ve done well with my no-shopping-until-April goal.  I suspect this is mostly because every retailer is currently advertising like mad for spring, and the weather has been so ungodly cold recently that I have no interest in any item of clothing that isn’t a Slanket.

I do want/need a few new spring & summer items, though.  My hot weather wardrobe was woefully inadequate last summer; I had somehow blocked out the fact that it would be 95 degrees and not the 75-80 degrees I was used to.  This year, I need to add to the stopgap items I bought last year to tide me over!

Shopping Plan: Spring/Summer 2010

1. I do not need any new work pants.

2. I don’t need any skirts. I don’t wear most of the skirts I own.

3. I need some new work shirts.  Preferably ones with whimsical prints and details, e.g.

(All shirts are from Anthropologie.)

(Old Navy, Gap, Old Navy)

4. Casual dresses.  I have one dress from Anthro that I bought this past summer and I have worn it so many times through all sorts of weather.  Most of my dresses are too stuffy for weekend wear, so I definitely want something I can just throw on.

(Old Navy, Anthropologie, Ruche)

5. Shorts.  I bought 2 pairs of shorts last summer, and stupidly left my favorite pair in a NY hotel room after my bachelorette party.  Shorts are necessary -sometimes it’s just too hot for jeans.

Is there anything you’re craving for this spring?  Any particular items you’d like to tempt me with?  Share them in the comments!


6 Responses

  1. I prefer skirts to shorts. I think they are way more flattering. Love that last dress!

  2. I’ve been dying to buy some new casual dresses! However, considering my mom used to sew for us a lot, I keep looking at these poorly made, cheapy fabric dresses and thinking “I SO could make this”. Then again….I don’t know how to sew. YET. lol. I want to give sewing a shot before I start buying stuff again…

  3. Looked at spring fashions in the shops last week, despite the freezing weather; am desperately willing winter to be over! I like your choices, though they wouldn’t all suit me. I’m longing for bright colours – bought a royal blue silk top on my outing, and have my eye on various fuschia pink, turquoise and bright blue items in Hobbs, Boden, etc. (UK shops you might not have over there.)

    Agree with the sewing idea mentioned in comment above – though also lack the skills…

  4. I really really REALLY want to learn how to wear belts. *help*

  5. Dear spring, can you come soon so i can wear these pretty things?! thanks. chelsea. 🙂

  6. […] So if I was shopping so much, how did I do against the wishlist I posted in February? […]

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