I want to be the same as everyone else on the internet!

So, there’s a meme going on where we all post pictures of our shoes.

I have too many shoes.  Just warning you.  I actually wear most of these shoes on a semi-regular basis, except for the fancier shoes.  Not included are my flip flops (I don’t usually wear flip flops, except at the beach), a pair of plaid sneakers that I only wear to watch sports (because inevitably we end up playing whatever sport it is we’re watching), and my running shoes.


Clockwise from top: Black & beige Alfani heels, brown BCBG peep-toes, bronze Anne Klein slingbacks, Payless peep-toe ankle boots, brown loafers from Urban Outfitters, red suede heels from American Eagle, Calvin Klein black pumps, Pink Studio heels.  Center: Old Navy off-white pumps.


Clockwise from top: Target brown oxfords, Old Navy blue peep-toe flats, Payless green flats, Nine West gold peep-toe flats, red sandals from Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden floral flats, AE green sandals, Steve Madden oxfords, red flats from Loft, brown sandals from Urban Outfitters, AE purple flats, Gap pink peep-toe flats.


Left to right: Target fake Uggs (I call them my Fugs), J. Crew Tenley boot, Target rain boots, Target black boots.


Clockwise from top: Nine West peep-toes, Nine west gold sandals, Anne Klein black sandals, J. Crew Carmen pump (my wedding shoes!), ???? silver sandals from DSW.

Be sure to check out Revanche’s post; she links to several other bloggers’ shoe collections!


5 Responses

  1. Wow, that is impressive! In my book heels=dressy lol.

  2. Ooh! Love your heels 🙂

  3. First, you did the best job photographing so far.

    Second, I love your collection of heels. I need to grow that part of my daily collection. I just started wearing 2 inch heels on a daily basis this year, so I only have brown and black.

    Actually, I love the flats and dressy ones too!

  4. You’ve got some classy shoes! Definitely agree with SP…good job on getting clear pictures. I think my favorites are the J. Crew pumps/wedding shoes. I hope you keep using them because they’re gorgeous!

    • I was thinking of getting them dyed a different color, because they really are the most gorgeous (& most expensive) shoes I own!

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