Getting a bonus!

My company gives a yearly bonus based on their earnings.  This year is smaller than some of the previous years, but a little extra cash is always nice.

I was talking with my coworkers today, as we were trying to decide how much our bonuses would be.  A few of us thought they’d be really low – no more than a couple hundred dollars – and one youngish guy, Jeff, said he’d rather get nothing.  Not that he wouldn’t take the bonus (a response to my offer to take his bonus money if he found it so distasteful), but that he thought a low amount might be more insulting than anything.

I said I’d never be insulted by getting extra money.  After all, if they’re going to tell me that I get a bonus as part of my compensation package, I expect to get something, even if it’s just $100 or so.

What do you think?  Is there a bonus or raise amount so small that getting it would be undesirable?

Jeff & I also had an interesting discussion about salary vs. other perks, but ‘ll save that for another time.


11 Responses

  1. A bonus is a bonus! I’d take the extra money, no matter how little it was. But I guess I could see the point that $100 bonus is kind of insulting if you are used to getting a $1,000+ bonus.

  2. I think it would be a little insulting that he thinks a small bonus is “not enough”. Like he’s too good for that amount of money. A bonus is still a bonus….then again, this is coming from someone whose company does NOT give bonuses (well, at least not at my level, and certainly not in this economy), so I’d be thrilled with anything that was thrown at me.

  3. I’m pumped to get one! It’s been a rough couple of years and now it’s starting to turn around.

    A $1 bonus or raise is still better than nothing!

  4. The first job I had they did salary reviews after I’d been there about 2 months. I got a raise that was like… 1% or less I think? It was a little insulting, but I was still glad to get it!

    I was worrying so much about raises this year that I sort of forgot all about the possibility of a bonus! Do you know when they announce?

    • Yesterday! It’s 7 days, so definitely a decent bonus!

      • How did I miss this?!?

        At least I spent less than 1 day wondering before my curiosity was satisfied!

  5. A bonus or raise can be so small its disappointing, but never insulting in my opinion. As a 20-something who works with a bunch of people that have been with our company for 30 years, they’ve complained that recent salary increases (approx 3%) are junk compared to what they used to get in the 70s and 80s. I think most of them are looking back with rose-colored glasses, considering inflation then was out of control.
    Bonuses/Merit Increases = always cool with me

  6. No amount of bonus or extra, “free” money, is insulting.

    I’d take it all! Even $50!

    *”free” because you did work for that bonus 🙂

  7. Any bonus is good for me!

  8. Just because I’d want a bigger bonus doesn’t mean that I’d turn down a smaller one. Insulting only comes into it if you’re the only one who received a minimal check, and the company’s doing fine that year, I think.

  9. Hard to say, I’ve never been in a job where we got bonuses, but I’d be appreciative of any unexpected amount really.

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