My Favorite Posts of 2009

So, I know you’re supposed to do a recap before the year actually ends, but I don’t care.

I like to read back over my past posts. Once I distance myself from them as having been written by me, I find that I’m a better judge of my own writing. I figure out where I get too convoluted, where my jokes fall flat, where I tend to be too bitchy, etc. I also try to look at which posts I love – the ones that make me laugh out loud, or the ones I worked hardest on, or the ones I think had the freshest angle – and which ones were most popular. They’re almost never the same thing.

Top 5 Posts of 2009

Using Excel: Part 1 – Tracking Spending. That this post is popular isn’t a surprise; most of the traffic is from people searching through google. Honestly, though, I hate this post. I think it’s awful.

More thoughts on frugal weddings. I have no idea why this one is popular – I guess because so many people google “frugal weddings.” Ha! That’s totally not what they’re getting!

Wedding P0rn. Because FB linked to me! I have no strong feelings about this post, except that I’m embarassed to be such a girl.

I’m not worried about being debt free. Finally, my readers and I agree!

It’s OK to spend money! Of course it is! This is one of those posts where I probably sound too bitchy. Also, did anyone notice that sometimes the comments on TSD are getting really mean? Like, beyond, “I disagree what you said here,” mean?

My Favorite Posts of 2009

Breathe in, breathe out. Seriously, I should tape this around my credit card – or tattoo it on my hand or something.

In Defense of Television. I love my TV. So much.

10 Frugal Things I’m Not Doing For My Wedding. This is one of my favorites because I think it does contain good advice, but it also goes into why it’s OK to not do those things. People always brag about how their sister did all the cooking for their wedding, or how their designer friend hand-sewed their dress. As though we all have gourmet chefs for sisters, or feel entitled to our friends’ services without paying for them.

Make meaningful choices! God, I’m such a jerk.

It’s not a contest. Another post that should be tattooed somewhere on my body so I can read it and remember.

The Psychology of Marketing Being Conned. I stayed up late one night to finish this because I thought it was so neat. Someone else beat me to the punch, but I still think this is one of my better non-bitchy posts.

Why am I maxing out my 401K? This was a counter-argument to Punch Debt in the Face’s decision to scale back contributions. It’s one of my favorites because I actually thought through a goal I’d had for years and why I set that goal. I doubt it will ever be popular, but it was a valuable post for me to make.


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  1. some great posts i missed first time around! Really like the wedding post – clever and crackingly funny.

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