Do Good To Do Worse?

Slate has a new article up this morning: Buy Local, Act Evil. A recent study has come out saying that people who chose “green” items in a simulated shopping experience were less likely to share money and were more likely to cheat afterwards. The article posits that by chosing something “good,” people feel free to cut themselves some slack in other areas.

Obviously, one study is hardly conclusive proof. I did, however, call attention to this same thing in my post about making meaningful choices.

In my post linked above, and on my Organics posts, people tend to say that even small steps are better than no steps, e.g. if you’re commuting 120 miles per day in a Prius, it’s better than doing it in a Hummer.

But what if that small step forward means you take a large step back?

What do you think? Does this article have merit, or is it just that bashing the local/organic food movement has become as trendy as the organic/local food movement was a few months ago?


2 Responses

  1. Interesting study!

  2. Wow super interesting study. Does this mean that people are “rewarding” themselves with “bad behavior”?

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