To Accomplish, December 2009

I can’t believe another year has gone by.  I still remember writing my goals at the beginning of this year, and stressing about how far away it all seemed – the wedding, finishing school, finding a new job.  Now the end is near, and it has occurred to me that I haven’t even really followed my goals as time has passed.  I guess that’s something I’ll have to think about when I work up my goals for 2010 – how to balance things I want to accomplish with the things I’ll remember to accomplish even without referencing the list on this blog.

But this isn’t about end-of-year goals.  This is about setting goals for December!

To Accomplish, December 2009

1. Save $3000.
This will be probably be my last big savings months for a while – until the first three-paycheck month in April 2010, or until Chad finds a job.  Gotta make the most of it!  Plus, if I can put away the $3000, I will hit the next big, round number for my yearly savings.

2. Spend less than $600 on gifts.
That’s all I have left in my gift fund, so if I go over, I seriously impede progress on goal #1.

3. Spend less than $100 on clothes.
I’m really hoping I can go without buying anything new, but it’s going to be really tempting.  It’s the end of the year, I worked hard this year, and really, my budget is going to be so strict next year so I should enjoy this while I can!

4. Go to every yoga class for the days I’m working.
I still haven’t figured out which days I’m taking off before Christmas, so I’ll just make the goal that if there’s a yoga class and I’m at work, I go to it.  Honestly, I enjoy the class so much that this isn’t really a hardship.  The only hard thing is remembering to bring in gym clothes!

5. Consolidate accounts.
I have some leftover savings accounts, so expect a post soon asking for opinions on what I should do with some of the straggling amounts of money left over.

6. Get my name changed with my banks.
Well there has to be one goal I’m sure I’ll fail!  No, but really, I have to do this.  I got carded and had to give an awkward explanation, “Well, here’s my current ID, but this is not going to match the name on the card because I just got married, so here’s my old ID from a different state.”  I’m sure the CSAs don’t really care, but I feel awkward having to explain.

7. Be completely 100% done with thank you notes by the 5th.
Because we can’t have thank you’s arriving with Christmas cards!

8. Check out 2009 goals, do the ones I can and write a wrap-up post.
Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get everything done!


2 Responses

  1. I love Number 7! 🙂

    • We finally just sat down and did a whole bunch and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. My issue was that I wanted to write everyone something personal, and I wanted to put in the effort to show how thankful I really am.

      Eventually my mom gave me some stock phrases to use, and while I still tried to include something personal, it was much easier than trying to fill a whole card with something unique!

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