Belated: To Accomplish, November 2009

So… I did not expect that pretty much everyone would agree that $300 is too much for a baby shower gift.  I guess that’s good for my budget!

Since we’re already almost halfway through the month, I guess I won’t be setting too many ambitious goals.  I’m going to try to keep to my 2x per week resolution (even though that pretty much fell apart during the move/wedding/insanity), but no promises. I do not need another goal to fail!

To Accomplish, November 2009

1. Save $2500, less whatever I spend on gifts.
I will have exactly this amount left over if I manage to control my spending for the rest of the month.  I worked 20 hours of overtime on the graveyeard shift AND went on travel for work, so that’s why this number is so high.

2. Do not spend any money on new clothes.
I just want to prove to myself that I can still do this!  I feel like I have been shopping non-stop since June. I have already failed my no-shopping-6-months-this-year resolution. I will reread this post from January over and over again. Christmas is coming, and I can create elaborate wish lists instead. If all else fails, I have a gift card that I can use to buy the one thing I really “need”: brown tights.

3. Get my name changed with my banks.
I failed on this last month, but I seriously need to get on the ball. I’ve been having to lug my passport everywhere since my driver’s license doesn’t match what’s on my credit cards anymore!

4. Send out 30 thank yous.
Seriously. We are slackers.

5. Go to yoga on average once per week.
My workplace has a gym! And a free yoga class! How did I not know about this? I went to a couple, and it’s so nice to have that meditation at the end, where the instructor talks soothingly about wiping your mind of problems. The class is over lunch, so it even manages to break up the day a little.

6. Bake cookies for the office Thanksgiving.
It’s a yearly tradition. My boss brings in a turkey and a turkey oven and they spend all day cooking it, filling the office with the smell. The rest is a potluck. I have planned to bake cookies before, but usually I wind up putting it off, or forgetting, or realizing that I’m missing 40% of the ingredients just as I’m ready to start baking. This time, I will actually bake the cookies!

7. Create 2010 budget.
This is the most fun thing on this list.  I love making budgets! [/nerd]


3 Responses

  1. I love making budgets too! Mine is set through February at this point, I always have several months ahead laid out. Congrats on the overtime and extra money, that is huge.

  2. That’s awesome about the overtime! I have been full of fail re: shopping, too. Has to stop!! Also, I agree–please, please get the thank-you notes out as soon as possible. They are so important and mean so much. 🙂

  3. yikes, for a second I completely freaked out, having misread the thing about $2500 & gifts. I skimmed and for a second thought you were saying $2,500 which is less than you spend on gifts. That’ll teach me to skim!

    It sounds like you’ve got quite the month set up for yourself. I’m glad your workplace not only has a gym but a free yoga class. That’s awesome! I need to get my butt back into our little workout room in the apartment complex. I spent the last week feeling awful, fighting something off. This week, I am out of one of my meds, which means I’m sleeping about 11 hours a day. Throws off my schedule and makes working out difficult. Always with the excuses, I guess.

    Way to go on the good-but-achievable goals. That’s always one of my biggest problems.

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