October Wrap-Up

1. Track spending again. Done!
More or less.  I’m still trying to find that pesky difference, but all expenses are accounted for.  At least it’s close to the end of the year, so I can get back to obsessively making sure all of my numbers line up once 2010 rolls around.

2. Spend less than $100 on clothes. Kind of?
I returned 2 things this month, and with those deducted from the balance, I made it well under budget.  It’s a lot like cheating, but I’m going to say it counts.

3. Save $3000. Done!
I finally got reimbursed for all of my relocation expenses, so I got a huge extra check.  I’m playing around a little bit with some of my numbers, and will probably pretend the third check will be paid in November or (if I’m good enough that my budgeted November savings are what I actually save) possibly December.  $6K saved this month, mostly due to $4500 reimbursement.

4. Get name changed with all my major financial institutions.  Fail.
Um. No, I did not do this, which is bad because now my driver’s license says one name and all of my credit cards say another.

5. Go running 2x per week.  Fail.
Oh, I failed this so hard.  I completely forgot I even made this goal, that’s how much I failed.

6. Send out thank you cards.  Fail.
Yeah, we didn’t even start them yet because we suck.


4 Responses

  1. Hahaha #6 – It’s not a competition but we only have about 15 to go! 🙂

  2. here I was saying I didn’t want to buy anything this month for my wardrobe and I find the perfect pair of jeans on sale for $33 (total), 2 tank tops for $14 each (perfect size, colour and fit), and the J. Crew coats on sale

    Arrg.. fashion gods.. conspiring against me.

  3. So nice to see a post from you, Paranoid! 🙂

    All ‘Fails’ are forgiven. You just got married and moved cross-country! That is plenty.

  4. November Goal: Post in your blog more! 🙂

    You saved $6000, that is pretty amazing. Who cares about thank you notes when you have that?

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