I spend more when I’m happy

I was reading QLGirl’s post where she mentions how she tends to shop more when she’s feeling sad. (Uh, it’s kind of buried in there, but it stuck out to me!)

I’m currently on travel for work near the second largest mall in the country (or so my coworkers tell me).  I’m feeling pretty burnt out on work because just a week ago I was working the graveyard shift (11pm – 7am) through the weekend, and I feel as though I have not had a day off in far too long.  There were also some problems with my travel plans – my hotel was overbooked last night, and they almost put me into a room with no bed, just a pull-out sofa!  They eventually put me up in another hotel, but the stress of it all and the amount of time it took means I got very little sleep last night.  I’ve felt generally icky all day, which I suspect has to do with the lack of sleep, lack of relaxation, and the loneliness of sleeping by myself in a hotel bed.

I needed to go to the mall to return some bras I’d attempted to buy without trying them on (so stupid!).  I wandered around for a while and bought some properly fitting bras (well… almost properly) and a cardigan at Nordstrom since I had some gift cards from work.  Mostly, though, I wandered around listlessly, trying clothes on, but not feeling anything in particular, not spending any Real Money.

The thing is, I just got my reimbursement from the move (FINALLY), and it was much larger than I expected so I am feeling flush with cash. With my current inability to stop my shopaholic tendencies, it seems even weirder that I wouldn’t want to spend some of my hard-earned cash on a treat for myself. Except I didn’t.

Once arriving back at the hotel, I ate some dinner, and now I feel much better and sort of want to go shopping. I can only conclude that shopping is only really fun when I am happy. This may also explain why I have been unable to control my impulses lately – I am often happy now that my job doesn’t suck. I am constantly twirling in a freaking bubble of contentment, and it makes me feel like everything is going to be OK and I can let go every once in a while day.

How about you?  Do you prefer to shop when you’re happy or do you use retail therapy as a pick-me-up?


8 Responses

  1. I’m not sure. I hate shopping in stores when I’m tired or stressed, but when I’m stressed or bored/frustrated, I often find myself picking out outfits online.

    But when I’m happy, I also feel like it is ok to let go. So, apparently, I consistently am ready to shop. Unless I’m tired.

  2. Is it bad when I say both? but leaning more towards being happy as the trigger?

    If I am tired, stressed out or unhappy, I don’t really want to go out to a mall and spend time there

    With that being said, if I am BORED, then yes. I love going to the mall.

    If I am happy, I am more likely to want to go out.. and therefore, more likely to spend money, as I am near temptation (the mall)

  3. Great question… a little of both, but I think I lean more towards shopping when I’m in a funk, having a bad day, or bored with life in general. Sometimes it works as a quick fix… but when the guilt settles in, it makes it that much worse!

  4. I don’t really like shopping all that much 🙂 But sometimes it is fun to buy something new!

  5. lol. Nice catch. I found myself thinking “I didn’t say that….oh, wait, I did.”

    I also shop when I’m happy though, but it’s definitely a different experience. When I’m happy everything looks great and is a potential purchase. When I’m down, I’m just trying to distract myself by bringing something new home….those purchases are much more likely to be returned though.

  6. Definitely a bit of both. I think i’m more inclined to make impulse purchases when happy. When I’m sad, I usually resort to food; I’m a comfort eater…

  7. I spend more on clothes, makeup etc when I am happy, but more on food when I’m sad. Like a lot of people i turn to food for comfort, a little food splurge usually helps pick me up.

  8. I definitely shop when happy. If I’m not in a good mood I can never find anything I like and nothing ever fits properly. And like quarterlifegirl, if I ever do buy something when I’m in a bad mood it usually gets returned. Although PMS is usually the reason for a bad mood with me, so that might explain a lot!

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