OMG, I’m actually posting what I said I would!

What I wore to work on Monday, inspired by Carine Roitfeld:


And yesterday, inspired by no one in particular, but if I had to attribute it to something, I guess it would be Burberry Prorsum Resort ’09 Collection. I suspect I will create and recreate this look over and over this fall. Really, I just wanted an excuse to pull out this sweater, and with the weather in DC finally starting to cool down, I took my chance!


Sorry about the no face shots. I’m still trying to decide how anonymous I want to stay with this stuff.

Uh, what do you guys think? I had an attack of self-consciousness posting these photos, to be honest, so if you think I’m chubby, well, I am, but keep it to yourself. If you think my fashion sense sucks, fair enough, and you can tell me that.


11 Responses

  1. No way, I don’t think you’re chubby! I love the first outfit….especially the shoes! (Which I find amusing, since they’re so simple.)

    I wish it was cooling down here! I suppose it is, but that only means it’s gone from being in the high-90’s, to high 80’s. lol. No sweaters or long sleeves for me yet.

  2. Wow, you’re not chubby at all. I like both outfits!

  3. 1. Not chubby!
    2. I love both. You rock in the neutral shoe! Also… that sweater is great. I might not be 100% sold on the belt though… I like the idea of a belt with that sweater… but probably would have done a thin gold belt instead.

  4. I love the combination of that black/gray cardi & the belt – very professional yet tres chic!

  5. OMG! You are so fierce girl! I love that sweater so much,

  6. Definitely not chubby! and second dog on the sweater – too cute.

  7. That’s definitely a cool sweater! I feel stupid chiming in “not chubby” because even though it’s true, I don’t usually comment on weight, except then I’d feel like it’d be a glaring omission. *sigh* Peer pressure!

    Your outfits are very much in the vein of things I’d (like to) wear. Simple + professional + pulled together.

  8. I love that sweater.

    And like Revanche, I am in the same boat of simple + professional yet pulled together.

    Although I do like to experiment sometimes, but nothing too wild 🙂

  9. SO not chubby. I really like the first outfit.

  10. I like your style – simple and timeless. It may also be helpful to name the brands in case someone is looking for a similar item or just curious.

    As for weight, you’re not anywhere near chubby. The only way you could possibly think that is if you compare yourself to celebrities. And remember they always pose a certain way (usually half-turn, one leg slightly in front of the other) in order to appear skinnier!

    • Strange, cause that ALWAYS makes me appear thicker!

      @paranoid – I LOVE the outfits. =)

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