To Do List for September

Since I’ve been out of the country, I’m returning to reality a little late to have monthly goals for September. Instead, there are a lot of things that need to be done now that we’ll officially be settling down in our new apartment and into married life. (Also, I have not forgotten about wedding pr0n, it will be coming!)

  1. Get new auto insurance – our CA policy expires on Tuesday!
  2. Submit my name change paperwork to SSA.
  3. Get our VA licenses.
  4. Register the car in VA.
  5. Notify our new insurance company of these changes.
  6. Fully unpack all boxes and make the apartment like a place where people live.
  7. Determine what new things we need/want for the apartment – we have soooooooo many BBB gift cards, it’s not even funny.
  8. Complete our spreadsheet of wedding gifts. We’re trying to keep track of who gave of what for which part (engagement, shower, wedding), and we started putting together an excel file for this. Gotta finish it, I think it will make the thank you writing much easier!
  9. Start on thank you cards – Chad says if we write 3 per day each we can finish before his birthday.
  10. Get our Wii fixed. I so wish I had no ethics and could submit a claim to the movers for this, but I know it was broken before and I’m just going to have to shell out the $75 so we can play Wiitar Hero again.
  11. Figure out what we can/should submit claim expenses for. These were the worst movers ever, for serious.
  12. Submit marriage license to our healthcare department so Chad maintains his coverage.
  13. Figure out how to take care of our finances – which accounts to keep, which to close, and if we need any additional joint accounts.
  14. Reconcile account balances. You guys, I haven’t tracked finances in a month. I would cry if I wasn’t so excited – this means spreadsheets!
  15. Make scans of important documents. Passport, SS card, driver’s license, marriage certificate, etc.
  16. Find the local library & get a library card.

Ugh, to be continued…


3 Responses

  1. So much stuff… good luck getting it all done! At least you have the two of your working together to get it done. =)

  2. This is quite the list! Good luck!

  3. An excel file to kepe track of giftgivers? Genius!

    BTW, are you taking his name?

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