Budget Mockup – one income

We’re still in the hotel, but I’ve been putting together preliminary budget numbers based on Apartment Option #3 (we’re leaning toward this because the apartment so huge!) and my paycheck if I max out my 401K for this year (necessary since I’ll be the only one contributing!).  The numbers worry me a little, because obviously, my savings rate is going way down.  Even with the raise I got with my new job, it’s not enough to compensate for having to cover all of our expenses myself.

I start freaking out every time I see these numbers, especially as I see the uncertainties.  I don’t know how much utilities will be – in California, we didn’t have heat or air conditioning so our utilities costs were low.  Now we’ll need heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, and right now, Chad is home so there’s no turning it on or off while we’re at work.

We have been thinking about adopting a dog, and although I know it’s not exactly financially responsible and might be a stupid thing to take on right now, Chad and I have wanted one for a long time.  Chad will be able to be home with the dog, and the dog will be around to keep Chad from feeling lonely.

I don’t want us to sit at home all day on the weekends, especially since Chad will be cooped up searching for work during the week, so there must be room for entertainment.  I also don’t want to fall into the trap of making him feel as though he can’t spend any money.  It’s my natural inclination to track everything, but I’m worried it will seem as though I’m checking up on him.  I have to figure out how to balance my obsessive desire to create more spreadsheets with Chad’s probably need for privacy.  I’m thinking I’ll probably just track his savings and let his checking account be a Sarah-free zone.

The nice thing about putting the budget is that I know we can survive this way in perpetuity, even if our savings rate is a little low.

I’ll try to post some specifics within the next week or so, with a rough copy of  our budget.


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  1. Dogs are wonderful, I have three, but be prepared for the bills! Mine always seem to get sick or injured and the vet is not cheap. But I love them to death and wouldn’t part with them for anything. I consider them my luxury item, we don’t indulge in really any other true luxuries. Good luck with everything in DC.

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