June 2009 Wrap-Up

I swear, I’m going to get back on a regular posting schedule. Soon.

To Accomplish, June 2009

1. Get managers to approve a transfer date. Done!
They took about a week longer than they were supposed to, but I was kind of a brat about it.  I put in notice with my landlord, set up the movers, and worked with the relocation office based on the transfer date I wanted.  After each thing, I left my boss a voicemail saying, “Oh, I just put in notice at my apartment for the June 19th transfer date, let me know as soon as possible if I’ll need to switch it around so I don’t end up homeless!”  Eventually I think the inundation of voicemails annoyed him enough that he was happy to get rid of me.  Mission accomplished.

2. Start packing for road trip. Done!
I think we managed to pack everything we needed.  The only thing we didn’t pack but should have was an old laptop computer that gave us access to my company’s travel website.  Instead we’d have to call the travel department and explain which hotel we wanted.  This worked out pretty well, except for one occasion where they booked a hotel in North Little Rock instead of downtown Little Rock.

3. Schedule movers & get things ready for them. Done!
This was by far the smoothest part of the moving process.  Chad stayed home with the movers, and they were able to pack and load all of our possessions in less than a day.

4. Coordinate with relocation group to plan for hotel stays during road trip & after arrival in VA. Done!
Except for the one snafu with the hotel in Arkansas, we were able to do this without much trouble.

5. Go to the gym an average of 2.5 times per week. Fail.
Failed so hard.  I managed to do 2x per week the first two weeks of the month, but everything fell apart the week we were packing and trying to get everything coordinated for our departure.  I did manage to go the gyms at our hotels twice, but I that puts me at far less gym time than I’d wanted.

6. Don’t spend any money on new clothes. Fail.
I had some worries about starting my new job, so I went out and bought some nice new work clothes.  I know it sounds silly, but I really think that the new clothes helped me during my first week, just to feel like I looked more professional and smarter.

7. Put at least $500 into savings and $100 into the gift fund. Done?
I haven’t worked the budget numbers, but I know I got close.  The gift fund s going to have to wait, my sisters both still owe me the money from Father’s Day presents.  When they pay me back, I’ll be able to put that money right into gift savings.

8. Finish 2 books. Fail.
I mean, if we count how I reread The Shadow of the Wind, then I guess it counts.  Generally I don’t count rereads.

9. Order contact lenses, and maybe set up a dentist appointment. Done/Fail.
Yes on the contacts, no on the dentist.  I am so terrified of the dentist, you have no idea.

10. Possibly get married. Done!
It’s weird, people kept congratulating us, but it doesn’t feel any different so I feel awkward about it.  The “real” wedding is still set for the end of August, so maybe it will feel more official then.

11. Seriously, get the honeymoon booked. Done!
We’re spending 3 nights in Paris and 5 nights in Cannes.  It was pretty expensive (and we haven’t booked everything yet!  And that doesn’t include food!), but it was within the amount we wanted to spend.  I’ll try to do a breakdown later.


3 Responses

  1. Congrats on the move and new position, I hope you are getting settled in virginia. We’re thinking of getting married at the courthouse now (for the health insurance), not telling anyone and then having the “sham” wedding next year. Did anyone comment on the fact that you got married before the wedding? I want to keep it a secret I think.

  2. With your cross-country move, I don’t think you had any fails this month! I’m so jealous about your honeymoon. I wish I could be there. Ahhhhh….

  3. Are you really coming back? How is the new job going? Your wedding must be very soon!

    I hope you are doing well — California misses you!

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