June Week 1 Update

If all I post about is clothes I just bought or complaints about work/clothes/life, does it still count as a PF blog?  No?

Good thing I’m about to go totally financial on your collective ass then, huh?

My boss finally approved my transfer dates, so the past week has been a flurry of moving-related activity.  I’m juggling movers with doctor appointments, trying to remember to tell my landlord and my utilities, all the while planning a civil ceremony wedding, a fluffy white dress wedding, a road trip across the country, and a honeymoon in France.  There’s also some anxiety about being smart enough for my new job, being dressed well enough for my new job, finding friends, finding an apartment, and (hopefully) finding a new puppy.

Civil Ceremony Wedding

Since Chad isn’t going to have a job right away when we move, it seems prudent for us to get married in a small civil ceremony so that he qualifies for healthcare under my plan.  This has the added bonus of him qualifying for spousal relocation benefits, including money during travel and temporary living, and some job placement services.

The costs:

Marriage license: $70
Ceremony @ County Clerk’s Office: $25
Nice tank for the ceremony: $78

The benefits:

No COBRA for Chad: probably around $500/month savings?
Per diem during travel/temporary living: $30/day
Job placement: $no idea, maybe a few hundred?

Big Fluffy White Wedding

Costs (just so far this month!):

Wedding rings: $625
Invitations: $330


I am going to get so drunk.

Road Trip Across the Country

FREE! Lodging is paid, food is paid on a per diem basis, $30/day, gas will be covered.


3 nights in Paris, 5 nights in Cannes
Flights: $1200 + $150 (not spent yet)
Hotels: $2880
Food/Etc.: $2000 (saved thus far, no idea how realistic this is!)

I have also somehow spent $500 on clothes so far this month.  To be fair, that includes a winter coat (I don’t think you know how big of a wuss California has turned me into!) and some very much needed new work clothes.  I wavered a lot on whether to include the amount, but to be honest, I don’t really feel guilty.  My new workplace is much more conservative and less casual than here in CA so it’s essential that I rebuild my wardrobe to fit in.  (This doesn’t explain the turquoise knit pencil skirt or the floppy navy beach hat, I admit, but MOST of it is legitimate wardrobe upgrades!)

I’m going through major mood swings of nostalgia, anticipation, sadness, elation, and self-doubt.  I’m sad to be leaving, excited to be going.  I am very worried about being smart enough for my new job (which is why I think all the clothes – if I can’t actually be good at my job, perhaps I can look the part!) and about getting along with my coworkers.  I know some people in the DC area, but not anyone I’d consider a great friend; of course I’ll have Chad but I still worry about being isolated.  I have trouble making friends; I’m too shy.

On top of everything else, there’s the legitimate costs and stress related to moving.  The movers hired by my company are great, though.  You’re actually not allowed to pack anything by yourself!  We’ll just need to pack for our road trip, which shouldn’t be too terrible.  We’re slowly but surely telling the utilities and subscription services that we’ll be moving.  Still working on it…

10 days until go time!

Any moving tips or road trip recommendations? Leave them in the comments!


9 Responses

  1. Enjoy the road trip! I loved my trip from San Diego to the Midwest. I made sure to stop at all the stupid touristy things – cause really – they’re a fun thing to share with someone else. =)

    Sounds like your work has got you all pimped out, I’m jealous. I just got $2,000 relocation expenses and it wasn’t even enough to get my stuff out here.

    Your honeymoon sounds FANTASTIC, I’m quite jealous. =)

  2. No advice, but it sounds fabulous! Pretty much all of it!

  3. You’re going to do great at your new job! And look fabulous! 😉

  4. Hmm, just PFfy enough. Thanks! 🙂

    So when’s the civil ceremony? If it hasn’t happened yet, remember to bring your witness! I think they’ll lend you one, but it’s nicer if you can bring a friend. I remember going to the courthouse with my friends, it was fun and silly, but nicer when you have someone there to take pictures.

  5. The best advice that I can give you is that it will be hard at first (the making friends bit, adjusting to the new workplace, etc.) but things will fall into place. In my book, things don’t just “happen” without a good reason, and it will all work out in the end. You’ve moved across the country before and it was an awesome experience for you. Plus, you have Chad! To me, that should help a lot. I’ve moved to a new city by myself and it’s really hard! It takes time to make good friends, but you could start out by reconnecting with the people you already know in the DC area. Then they might introduce you to other people, and before you know it…social circle! I totally understand why you had to spend the money on your new work clothes, too. It’s really important.

  6. Wow, you do have alot on your plate. But all sounds very exciting. Everything… will fall into place. Even getting totally drunk! 😉

    And what a fabulous Honeymoon vacation you two have planned.

    Congrats to your job and civil ceremony. Woohoo!

  7. Congrats on the early wedding, Mrs. Paranoid Asteroid. Hope the ceremony, reception and honeymoon will be awesome! I’m assuming your company is paying for the moving costs so you probably don’t know how much the movers charge, eh? (If you do, please let us know!) Re: your clothing purchase, as Suze would say, “You can afford it!” So good for you for buying new work clothes and a new jacket (a necessity IMHO). Please take a lot of pictures during your road trip and post some of them. 😀

  8. From what I gather we probably work for the same company and if that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about with the relocation. In fact, you can actually make money off the whole move!!! My wife used the job placement services they offered and it was worth about $1,200 or at least that’s what they charged us (or actually the company).

    Congrats on the wedding and have an awesome time on the roadtrip and honeymoon!

  9. I’m totally late in wishing you luck on the move, the wedding and everything else. I hope everything is going smoothly (when I was a kid we moved from California to Virginia in uhaul nightmare!) I’m sure you will do great!

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