To Accomplish, June 2009

My bosses are being spiteful and putting off approving my transfer date.  They were supposed to have approved it last Tuesday, but when I got back from vacation on Friday, it still wasn’t done.  I put in notice with my landlord, so they need to make a decision soon or I’ll be homeless.  The non-commitment also makes it extremely difficult to plan, but for now I’ll just work with the timeline I’ve already set.

To Accomplish, June 2009

1. Get managers to approve a transfer date.
I’m hoping to annoy them enough that they get this done today. Otherwise tomorrow I’m visiting his office and not leaving until he sends the email with my transfer date.

2. Start packing for road trip.
Since we’re going to take our time looking for a new apartment once we get to VA, we have to make sure that anything we don’t want going into inaccessible storage comes with us in the car.

3. Schedule movers & get things ready for them.
We’re so lucky that the company hires full-service movers. We aren’t even allowed to pack things ourselves!

4. Coordinate with relocation group to plan for hotel stays during road trip & after arrival in VA.
I have a meeting with the specialist tomorrow to discuss the timeline and get everything planned. My sucky spiteful managers aren’t going to make this easy, but I’m going to work with the transfer date I want.

5. Go to the gym an average of 2.5 times per week.
I was going to set this at 3 times per week, but that last week will possibly be the one where we’re travelling. This way we’re covered.

6. Don’t spend any money on new clothes.
I have some gift cards left over from my birthday that I can use if the urge gets too strong, but I can’t even really think of anything I want right now. It would be better to wait until after I start working at my new job, anyway. Hopefully moving preparations will be sufficiently distracting!

7. Put at least $500 into savings and $100 into the gift fund.
Small amounts into savings this month since I want to beef up our joint account in preparation for any surprise charges that come up during the move. This will also help us out with writing deposit checks for a new apartment, etc.

8. Finish 2 books.
I’m about 1/3rd of the way into Love in the Time of Cholera, which is a beautiful book. I’d like to read one more this month if I can. Without school work to do, this should be easy.

9. Order contact lenses, and maybe set up a dentist appointment.
Might as well take advantage of my West Coast health benefits since I assume they’ll reset after the move.

10. Possibly get married.
For practical reasons, like Chad having healthcare while he’s unemployed and so he’s eligible for spouse relocation benefits, including money for food and job placement services.

11. Seriously, get the honeymoon booked.


2 Responses

  1. I also recommend drinking all your hard alcohol up, because the movers don’t pack it. 😉

    (Actually, they said they don’t pack it, but they packed mine anyway with a “no promises” disclaimer about it… freezing? I don’t know what kind of alcohol freezes.)

    Exciting month!

  2. Ugh. That sucks that your soon to be ex-boss is so petty. I know things must be hectic now, but also exciting!

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