May Wrap-Up

This has been a very strange month. I haven’t been feeling the internet lately, so I’m way behind on commenting and posting. My guess is that this is a result of having crammed too much in this month: job offers and interviews, final exams, graduation, travel, and wedding planning. I’m hoping things will go back to normal with less stress, and I’m also hoping that moving & starting a new job will provide some inspiration, which I am currently lacking.

At any rate, here’s how things went in May…

To Accomplish, May 2009

1. Choose a job. Done!
I just found out that my current managers are having trouble backfilling, even though I know for a fact that they have been interviewing candidates to fill a space that was left by a guy who retired in February. This is frustrating because, although having more time to plan the move would be welcome, I’m excited to start my new job.

2. Save $2000. Done.
Just barely. I was going to wind up with a huge surplus, so I funneled some of the money to savings for some nicer work clothes. The rest was eaten up by dress alterations, which I hadn’t exactly planned for this month.

3. Graduate! Done.
I mean, I would have had to really mess something up to not graduate, but this is still a happy accomplishment. We saw Arnold at graduation; his speech-writers are really good.

4. Buy my parents dinner. Kind of.
I bought them breakfast and part of dinner. We also attempted to pay to take them to a Dodger’s game, but they found out how much tickets cost and included that amount in their check to us for boat tickets to Catalina. We could always not accept the check, but the boat tickets were expensive!

5. No buying new clothes until the 15th. Done!
And besides a long-sleeve shirt at the Dodger game (I was cold!), I still haven’t. The choice now is whether to make June a no-buy month & go shopping this weekend or stick it out and say May was a no-buy month.

6. Go to the gym 2x per week. Fail. So hard.
I knew it would be hard – pretty much every week was full, or partially full. I really don’t have much excuse though – there were times we could have – should have – gone and didn’t.

7. Book honeymoon. Fail.
The problem is that we have no idea what we’re doing. We’re contemplating scaling this back even more, so until we decide on something, we can’t book. At this point, I’m a little worried about prices going up more. Argh.

On a happy note, Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of my blog!Β  I’m going to require that everyone who reads this eat a cupcake tomorrow and report back with the flavor of the cake and frosting.


7 Responses

  1. Well, thank goodness for Twitter or we would have thought you’d fallen off the face of the earth. πŸ™‚

    And everyone’s getting their dresses, and graduating, and everything. How exciting!

  2. Aw man…I’m doing my no carb week, can I eat it next week? hehe. Congrats on the anniversary!

  3. I wish I had a cupcake! If it makes up for it, I had a donut with sprinkles yesterday. Congrats on the anniversary. I’m with you on the honeymoon fail. We just can’t decide. Where are you thinking?

  4. On the honeymoon – you will be so darned tired, why add the complication and stress of a fabulous-vacation-once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity-honeymoon? My husband and I rented a cabin in Colorado for a week. We drove there at our own pace, and just lazed about and enjoyed the time to ourselves. There was no pressure and no stress. It was very inexpensive, as well. We had taken fabulous vacations before and have done so again, but I had seen too many couples stress over having the “perfect” honeymoon to want to build it up in addition to all the wedding stress.

  5. Sorry I haven’t been commenting either. Work has been hella busy. I know this sounds weird since we don’t actually hang out together, but I’m a bit sad to learn that you’re moving away to Virgnia. :_-( I guess it was kind’a cool to know there’s an awesome PF blogger up the 5 freeway from me. πŸ˜€

    Anyhow, congratulations on your 1-year blogoversary, graduation and of course, the new job. You’re just too awesome!

  6. Exciting month for you! Congrats on the graduation and new job. AND the saving $2000. Dang, that’s awesome. Sadly I didn’t eat a cupcake this past weekend. But I did have a tasty ice cream cone if that counts. πŸ˜‰

  7. @ Forest: We were thinking Europe. At first we wanted to do a lot of stuff, but as life keeps shifting, we keep scaling it back. Now we’re thinking a week in Cannes or something simple like that.

    @ Cat: It will be really hard for us to take vacations in the future, so we wanted to do something that would justify the time off. Neither one of us has ever been to France, so that’s why it seems like such a good idea.

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