Personal finance and life on hold

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. I’m doing shittastically bad on my goal to update 2x per week, huh? The problem is that everything is on hold right now.

The hiring manager for the job in Virginia has been keeping me engaged. He says they’ll be done with the corporate red tape by the end of this week and can make me an official offer.

The waiting is excruciating.

It’s more than not knowing (at least officially) where I’ll be working in a month or two. It’s the whole sense that everything is paused; my whole life is holding its breath waiting for news.

I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted to do the classic California things I’ve missed thus far. Now would be the perfect time to do it – I’m done with school and don’t have to think about moving just yet. Instead, Chad and I sat around our apartment most of the weekend. We went for bike rides (but not, of course, the Palos Verdes to Venice ride I want to make) and to the beach, but there are so many other things I want to do!

Without the job offer, it doesn’t seem quite real. So I waste California, just like I’ve wasted it for the past 3.5 years.

I’ve been doing halfhearted calculations for when we move, but I don’t know how much they’ll offer me and I don’t know how much an apartment or utilities will cost in VA. It’s hard to plan ahead financially when the future could hold anything.

I’m torn between wanting to buy a classy new work wardrobe and wanting to wait until I see what everyone else wears. I know that I shouldn’t be wasting any money until Chad finds a job, but I also know that the time to splurge is now – after all, things will be much tighter in the future.

I suppose a few more days aren’t that long to wait. Until then, I’ll be collecting links to help me in the future when I do know what’s going on. The following is a bunch of posts I’ll be reading very soon.

Fabulously Broke’s post about packing to move. I’m actually kind of excited about going through everything and purging useless items from my life.

One of my dreams is to take a week or so to drive across the country before we start working. My company will reimburse for most of the costs, so it’s just a matter of planning it. Get Rich Slowly had a post with a bunch of links and some really useful comments.

Workchic is going to be my bible for when I finally start rebuilding a work wardrobe. I’m really going to try to put this off until after I have a few weeks at the new job and can see what people normally wear. The temptation is hard to resist, but it will be worth it in the end.

Shtinkykat posted the BBC’s Top 100 list of books. Some of these are stupid, I think, but there are some books I’ve been meaning to read. Certainly a road trip would be a great time to do that. Or simply while I lay on the beach and enjoy the last few weeks of my California life. Anyone have book recommendations?

And Apartment Therapy. Which is not personal finance-friendly at all, but is still fun.


4 Responses

  1. We’re packing to move too. In 2 weeks. And do you see me actually pack anything?

    No, because… *drum roll*


    He packed almost everything a month ago, 2 months before we’re leaving.

    And I have yet to put something in my suitcase. Must do that today.

  2. Oh great, another clothing site to obsess over. At this rate, I’ll never get anything done! 🙂

    Any news yet?

  3. Wasted ? I haven’t read that many posts, but it sounds like you are doing GREAT ! From what I understand, you’ve finished school and are getting a great job lined up. I think we all have that sense of panic about the balance of “enjoy stuff” vs. ” accomplish stuff “. If you have the time available … go enjoy CA now !

  4. Good luck with the move! Enjoy your last days in cali! As for work clothes…. probably worth a wait to see what the office atmosphere is like… sales will be around for awhile and you can always set aside funds for a new wardrobe now.

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