Update on the job offers

I’ve rejected all three offers.

This caused quite a stir on Twitter when I first posted, but of course I was about as informative as the line before the jump. I’m evil like that.

SF Money Musings asked if I’d be willing to give a rundown on the situation, so here it is:

I wrote before that I’d gotten 3 offers.  One was here in LA, two were in Virginia.  The LA job and one of the VA jobs were lateral – no raise, no promotion.  The other involved both a raise and a promotion.

I wrote up an elaborate pros/cons list for all 3 jobs.  They were tied.

Job #1 is the one with both a raise and a promotion.  I described this after my interview as my dream job, but when they called to offer it to me, they said it would be a little different.  I asked around, and apparently the job was on an intense program notorious for 12-hour days.  The work would have been interesting, but the job would have been my life.

Job #2 was the one here in LA.  The work would have been interesting, and it easily has the most transferable skill set (I wouldn’t be restricted to the aerospace industry, which means I would be less geographically restricted in the future).  Financially it would be the smartest decision: Chad would still be able to work at his current job.  However, Chad and I had been talking about moving back to the East coast, and I’ve always love Virginia.

Job #3 was with a group I’ve worked with before.  I spoke to the hiring manager, who moved up the planned dates of interviews so that he could get me an offer in time (should they decide to offer it to me).  Despite the fact that I had just made them jump through a bunch of hoops, they liked me!  The offer came, but it was lateral – no raise, no promotion – which would be unworkable since Chad would have to quit his job to move to VA with me.  You couldn’t support 2 people with what they offered.  I tried to negotiate, but I sent in one counteroffer and they never responded (yay, corporate bureaucracy!)

Through all of this, the hiring manager for Job #3 stayed involved, and that’s what really made me decide I wanted to take Job #3.  When my attempts at negotiation sputtered, they decided to repost the job requisition at a higher level, with one of the managers who interviewed me giving me his home phone number so he could tell me to apply.

I think I’m making the right decision, even if I did just throw away a sure thing (3 of them) for a “probably.”  It’s scary, but in the end I think it will be worth it.


8 Responses

  1. Yes!

    I think this was a really smart move and I hope all goes well. And I fully expect it to, given all you said, this is more than a “probably”. (You are awesome, BTW.)

  2. 12-hour days once in a while are okay. But the norm? Not good for all the non-job aspects of your life. Kudos to you for realizing that and for being in-demand enough to get something better! 🙂

    One of the reasons I’m looking to switch industries after grad school is because I want a 12-hour day to be “going above and beyond” and not just “par for the course”.

  3. Looks like they really want you. It’s funny how corporations will create new job titles or new positions tailored specifically for a candidate they want to justify the salary, benefits or whatever. Although I know you’ll be blogging just the same regardless of where you are, I’ll be a bit sad when you move away from So. Cal. :_-(

  4. It sounds like you are way at the top of the list for Job #3. Good luck!! I think you made the right decision for you. You do NOT want to work somewhere where 12-hour days are the norm. I’ve done it before and it is not fun.

  5. I took one of those 12 hr workday jobs and I’m not enjoying it. I just wrote today about my life being out of balance and devoted too much to working. I’m glad you didn’t take a job that isn’t a great fit, plus I can’t imagine wanting to live in VA 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you actually found out that it was going to mean 12-hour days. That takes the job-love/perfection away in a hurry.

    And how awesome that they’re going to create a position for you. Too too awesome.

  7. I bet you feel so good having made this decisions! 🙂 This is so encouraging to hear after such horrible job market news. Congrats for being in such high demand!

  8. […] had interacted with some people on the team before, so they could testify to my awesomeness) that the job I really wanted matched the promotion and raise.  It was definitely the right choice because I love my new […]

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