To Accomplish, May 2009

I can’t believe it’s May!  This year has been going by really fast, although each separate week seems to crawl by.

To Accomplish, May 2009

1. Choose a job.
I think I’m close to making a decision.  I’ve created an elaborate pros/cons list for each of the jobs.  They were tied for a while, but one of the hiring managers has been consistently remaining engaged and trying to find out how they can get me there.  The initial offer was less money, but they seem like they really want to get me there and are willing to work with me. I’m negotiating the salary, so we’ll see how it goes.

2. Save $2000.
I’m tracking April’s 3rd paycheck against May (I always do this… I think because I hate waiting 2 weeks to get paid), so I’ll be netting an extra big chunk.  A lot of it is going to my gift and travel funds, but I also want to save more since we might be moving soon.

3. Graduate!
This should happen without too much effort on my part.  I’d have to really bomb one of my finals to make this not happen.  I shall strive to do mediocre to great on my exams, which are next week.  Wish me luck!

4. Buy my parents dinner.
My parents are pretty awesome, and a lot of times when I see them (either when they visit CA or when I go home to see them) they pay for all the meals.  They also helped me out through school, and they’re helping to pay for our monstrosity of a wedding. A dinner is a teeny, tiny way of saying, “Thanks!”

5. No buying new clothes until the 15th.
If I decide to be really good, I will not shop at all all month.  But I’ll be in Pennsylvania at the end of the month, and PA has no clothing tax!  It’s like an automatic 10% discount!  I may not be strong enough.

6. Go to the gym 2x per week.
I get a  pass on this next week since I have finals 2 days in a row.  I’m going to try to get some physical activity outside of the gym – a friend suggested we try biking into work on Friday.  No idea if I’ll be up for that, so we’ll see.

7. Book honeymoon.
For real this time!


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