April Wrap-Up

This was a pretty good month for me!  Next is going to be insane, but it’s 3 paychecks, so from a PF point of view it should be great!

To Accomplish, April 2009

1. Save $1700. Done!

Yep, plus a little extra.  Right now everything is going into regular savings in preparation for a possible move; Roth contributions are suspended, but I’ll make sure to fully fund it by next April so I’m not worried.

2. Spend no money after April 15th. Done!

So far so good!

3. Hand in my paper a week early. Done!

I made it 5 days early.  I say that counts.

4. Go to the gym 2x per week, and do something else 1x per week. Done!

We’ve been really good about this, I was surprised.

5. Eat healthy. Done!

More or less.

6. Get caught up on classes. Done!

Finals are next week.  I still can’t believe I’m almost done!

7. Sign up for a rock climbing class. Done!

I am planning on going on Friday with a friend from work.  Apparently Friday night is “Ladies Night” at a local climbing gym.  Ladies climb free!  And hopefully someone will be there to show me how…

8. Book honeymoon. Fail.

Argh! No.  We fail so hard.


4 Responses

  1. But, 7/8! And some of them were ongoing things!

    Good job.

  2. You are one motivated and accomplished chica, I must say. You’re definitely not a procrastinator so I’m so jealous. So what were the 1 extra things per week you did? And good luck on finals, although I have a feeling you don’t need any luck! You got mad skillz, girl.

  3. Awesome work!

    So much green successes, three job offers… Nice! can I trade you lives for a bit? Thanks!

  4. Hey that’s pretty good follow through, I need to take lessons from you. especially working out, it was going OK for a few weeks until I started working overtime again. Now I have no time for the gym and my waistline showing it.

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