To Accomplish, April 2009

I’m taking it easy on myself since it’s my birthday month.

To Accomplish, April 2009

1. Save $1700.
Yes, I know this contradicts the budget I posted a week ago.  I’m giving myself a little bit extra spending money to celebrate my raise and my birthday.  As you can see from my previous post, I’m well on my way to spending that extra money.

2. Spend no money after April 15th.
I need some stuff for the wedding (a strapless bra & some Spanx) and I need/want some new clothes for the gym.  So I will get those now, and then not spend money until May 15th.  Does that count as a no-shopping month if it straddles 2 calendar months?

3. Hand in my paper a week early.
Wouldn’t you know, I finished it on Wednesday, exactly one day after my plan.  Now it’s a matter of adding in the tables and figures.  I suspect it also needs some major proofreading.  I want to get this handed in so I can enjoy my birthday weekend without worrying about school.

4. Go to the gym 2x per week, and do something else 1x per week.
Chad and I did really well at going to the gym last month, but we sort of failed on getting out of the apartment for exercise on our days off.  At this point I’ll count anything we do, even if it’s just going for a walk.

5. Eat healthy.
Dress fitting is in May.  This means that whatever I look like when they take my measurements is what I have to look like at my wedding.  So now might be a good time to start eating something other than hot dogs.

6. Get caught up on classes.
I feel very disconnected from school this semester, like I haven’t been putting in enough effort & am not really learning anything.  I still have As somehow, but I think that’s just because my professors are very straightforward and I can easily pick up on what’s on the exams.

7. Sign up for a rock climbing class.
The one I want to take is in May (they moved the one in April to earlier in the month and it’s already full!), but if I sign up then there will be no way to back out.

8. Book honeymoon.
We’re waiting until I hear about a job I interviewed for.  I figured it would be nice to ask if they would need me the first 2 weeks in September.  I’m OK with delaying the trip a little bit, since in my experience, work in this field tends to be cyclic.


5 Responses

  1. Hey it’s my birthday month too! Unfortunately I think I’m spending it alone cause my honey is booked on a job in Dallas then. Oh well. Good luck with this month’s goals, do you include your 401k or similar in the $1700 goal?

    • @ Miss M: This includes Roth contributions but not 401K. I don’t like to think of that as real money, especially since the market just keeps dropping. This is also why I don’t have net worth goals anymore… It also doesn’t include the (miniscule) interest I earn in my accounts.

      Happy Birthday (month)! Treat yourself to something nice while he’s gone!

  2. Happy birthday, my favorite ladies! Great goals. I should have goals too but alas, they stress me out.
    * Hmmm… since you’re spending pre-April 15, April shouldn’t count as a no-spend month. But, I’d give you credit for a full month since you’re not spending 30 consecutive days. 😀
    * Dang, you’re so organized, girl. I don’t recall EVER finishing the rough draft of my papers a week early!
    * Will you be wearing your Spanx to the fitting? I say go sans Spanx, just in case. 😛

  3. yeah i think the de-cluttering will be a lot of work but will look so great in the end! I read that people with less clutter are less stressed and also for some ppl they sleep better without clutter because having stuff laying around represents unfinished business

  4. Wow! I’m jealous you can save $1700 this month! That’s awesome. And congrats on finishing the paper! It’s always a satisfying feeling handing those off. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

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