How To Spend Your Clothing Budget, Part 3

Yesterday I went shopping as a birthday present to myself (and also because I had a crappy day and needed some reatil therapy).  I bought 2 skirts and a blouse at Anthropologie on sale.

First we have this black pencil skirt. ($40)


It looks pretty basic, until you turn around and…


OMG ruffles!  I think they look stupid on this mannequin, but in person they are adorable.

I also bought this blue skirt, which sadly has no surprise butt ruffles. ($40)


It’s not on the website anymore, but I also bought a button down with a peplum.

Ahhhh, retail therapy.


5 Responses

  1. I heart anthropologie. That pencil skirt is adorable!

  2. Cute. Anthropologie sort of intimidates me, still. At least the one in southbay does. They always greet me so enthusiastically as I head to the sale section. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not used to it. The sale prices seem totally reasonable!

    • I don’t think they mind. Half the time, I go and don’t even buy anything! I’ve only ever bought one thing full price!

  3. Love both those skirts. So cute! A little off the topic, but I’m curious as to how the new Top Shop store in New York is being received. It’s a high street staple here in the UK, but is very fashion forwards, where as I think of US fashion as being more ‘safe’ than that. Do you think you’ll shop there?

    • I want to visit a store for sure, but I’m hesitant about buying anything online. I’m a very extreme hourglass shape, so I like to always try things on before I buy them.

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