March Wrap-Up

1. Save at least $1800. Win!
This is mainly due to my federal tax refund. Say what you will about interest-free loans to the government, I love seeing that big round number.

2. Figure out what to do with ad money. Done!
Funneled into the travel fund. Which is good, becase Chad is indecisive about what he wants to do for the honeymoon. Now he’s thinking we should just design our own trip. Which, fine, please get to work on it then!

3. Finish my giant paper. Fail-ish.
No, but I feel pretty OK with the amount of work that I’ve done on it so far. I decided to do both the writing and inserting equations/tables at the same time, so I probably only need to give myself a week of buffer for proofreading.

4. Ace my midterms. Win-ish!
Test #1 was an A, but I’m worried about Test #2, which was last Wednesday. I had a little problem with my units, which shouldn’t cost me too much in terms of points but I like to worry anyway. At any rate, my issue was not one of not studying hard enough, just general idiocy.

5. Try mountain climbing. Postponed.
I addressed this mid-month because I missed the REI climbing class. This goal will be repeated in April, and I fully expect someone to call me out if I don’t do it then!

6. Go to the gym at least 2x per week. Done!
We’ve been slacking on the other activities, though. Must get better about that.

7. No buying new clothes. Win!
I didn’t even buy the dress I said I was allowed to buy because of a snafu with the gift cards.

8. Apply for jobs with 2 non-[my company] companies. Done!
I also applied for a few jobs within my company, and had a phone interview. I felt like a nervous, babbling wreck, but the interviewers said I did well. This is pretty close to being my dream job, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m slightly underqualified (not enough years experience), so I’m hoping that my abilities and charm came through enough for them to want to give me a chance.

9. Book honeymoon and flights home for May. Fail/Win
See #2. On the plus side, the trip may now include a week in the French Riviera. Plus, no people with fanny packs on our honeymoon. Except for me.  Flight home in May is booked, though.

10. Spend less than $350 on groceries and eating out. Fail. So hard.
Well, I said we would. I also blame the fact that our power went out for several hours, and our power company said it might not come back until the next day. We bought ice to keep our fridge cold & dinner out since we couldn’t cook anything. Of course, the lights turned back on just as we came home with the ice. *bangs head against wall*  Even considering that, though, we overspent.


3 Responses

  1. good job on your goals! I decided to have chocolate cake after I realized that I would’ve like the groom’s cake more than my own! So, we decided to combine the cakes and have a chocolate bride’s cake!

  2. All in all, I think you had an excellent March. I am SOOO going to take you to task if you don’t sign up for the REI rock climbing class!!

  3. Wait …. $350 a month for BOTH of you for groceries and eating out ? That’s admirable …. but I probably do $250-$300 a month for just ME ( I’m small too , I don’t need that much food ). That’s the downside of being a foodie …. I can not seem to cut back even though I know I probably eat more money than is normal .

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