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shtinkykat asked…
I am curious – how exactly do you save $1800/month?? I’d like to see what your expenses are per month that allows you to save so much. (I’m sure being debt free is a big part of it!)

I wish I could save $1800 every month!  I try to average around $1500, but some months I’m over and some I’m under.  I’ve put a screen capture of my budget at the bottom of this post.

Fabulously Broke asked…
1. Pic of hair would be nice. And maybe your favourite go-to outfit?
Picture of my hair (yes, the curls and color are natural):


I wear a lot of jeans in my down time.  Usually I’ll pair them with a cute shirt and a cardigan.  For work, I follow the same formula, only with black or brown pants.  When I’m going out, I like to wear clothes that aren’t too short or too low-cut, but that are form-fitting.

2. Were you ever in debt? How did you get out of it? If never in debt, how did you avoid it?
At my worst point, I probably had about $38,000 worth of debt.  It was mostly student loans and my car note, but I did have some credit card debt – maybe about $5K.  Added up it sounds like a lot, but my payments were manageable, and the stuff on the credit card was mostly start-up costs for my new job/apartment – clothes, a mattress, meals on the road.

3. A budget breakdown would be fab!
Bottom of the post!

Stacking Pennies asked…
I’m a huge fan of looking at budgets, so yeah, I vote for budget for a year.
Ok, and for something a little less pf nerdy, but still potentially pf controversial… What do you think about having kids? Do you think you want them? Would you want to stay at home with them? “I’m not sure” is a valid answer.

For a really long time, I was opposed to the idea of having kids.  I didn’t trust myself to not completely screw them up.  Now that I’m a bit happier with where I see my life going, I’m a little more open to the idea. I don’t want any right now, but maybe a few years down the road?

If we have kids, I’m hoping we’ll be in a situation where either Chad or I can stay home with them.  I just think it’s better for the kids, especially when they’re young.  My mom stayed home until I was nearly in junior high, and my sisters and I all turned out to be engineers!

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them!

Budget information after the jump!

I track my spending based on take-home pay, but I sometimes like to look at this from a gross income perspective. I’m including screen caps from both areas of my spreadsheets. (Click for larger images.)




3 Responses

  1. Life’s so freakin’ unfair. I’ve got wavy hair too but if there’s even a hint of moisture, I suddenly look like Rosanne Rosannadanna. Yes, I’m jealous of your hair!

  2. *LAUGH*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your hair looks incredible, shiny, bouncy and wavy. I love the shot of the monkey in there 🙂

    My hair gets like that, but black/brown when I wake up.. then it de poofs down to regular hair lol

    Thanks for the answers

  3. After asking 2 questions, i totally forgot to even comment. I always like seeing other peoples budget spreadsheets, because they are almost all set up a little differently.

    You are quite generous with gifts and charity. 🙂

    I feel similarly on kids, but i’m way undecided on staying at home full time. Luckily, not an issue yet.

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