You’ve got questions…

I have an exam this week & I am just out of ideas for posts.  So I’m opening the floor for you guys.  Do you have any specific questions that you’ve been wondering about for a while?  Want to see a picture of my hair?  Want to know my favorite food?  Want to see my budget for the year?

Any comments on the blog?  Want to see more/less on weddings or clothes shopping?

Fire away – anything that won’t destroy my anonymity or reveal too much about my finances (“What is your credit card number, expiration date, and security code?”) is fair game.

ETA: I am late in mentioning this, but Ramit (from I Will Teach You To Be Rich) has his book dropping today.  Since I repeatedly link to his blog, it should come as no surprise that I bought the book.  Don’t need the 6-week program so much, but I want the chapter on conscious spending since that blog post was always my favorite. Probably will also give it to my little sis since she seems ripe for PF-obsession (we talked about Roth IRAs over Christmas!).


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  1. I am curious – how exactly do you save $1800/month?? I’d like to see what your expenses are per month that allows you to save so much. (I’m sure being debt free is a big part of it!)

  2. 1. I agree. Give us a budget break down! 🙂

    2. I want to interview YOU. I knew I forgot someone important.. Sorry.

    brokeinthecity @ gmail dot com 🙂

    3. I do think a pic of your hair would be interesting. Or an outfit you wear regularly (like a favourite one)

    4. Were you ever in debt? 🙂 If so, how’d you get out? And if not, how’d you avoid the trap?

  3. MOTHER OF #*$#Y%*@$@

    Wrote a long list of questions and it cleared it *sobs*

    1. Pic of hair would be nice. And maybe your favourite go-to outfit?

    2. Were you ever in debt? How did you get out of it? If never in debt, how did you avoid it?

    3. A budget breakdown would be fab! 🙂

    4. I want to interview you.. I knew I forgot someone important.. :\ Sorry!
    brokeinthecity at gmail dot com

  4. I’m a huge fan of looking at budgets, so yeah, I vote for budget for a year.

    Ok, and for something a little less pf nerdy, but still potentially pf controversial… What do you think about having kids? Do you think you want them? Would you want to stay at home with them? “I’m not sure” is a valid answer.

  5. […] Don’t forget to ask me a question!  I’m going to work on getting them answered tonight. This may be your last chance to know […]

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