Mid-month goals checkup

I don’t usually do a mid-month checkup, but some of these are going to have to be tweaked slightly or pushed back, so I figured I might as well check up on all of these.

To Accomplish, March 2009

1. Save at least $1800.
Looking like this is still on track.  In fact, with the extra money that’s not being withheld for taxes, I’m set to beat this.  My bosses haven’t mentioned our raises yet, but assuming I get one, it will show up next Thursday.

2. Figure out what to do with ad money.
Transferred to honeymoon fund!

3. Finish my giant paper.
It’s going, albeit s l o w l y.  I was originally going to try to write it all first, but I’ve started working on adding some tables and the equations.  It will take longer, but I enjoy using Microsoft Equation Editor more than I enjoy writing actual content.

4. Ace my midterms.
Took the test, not graded yet.  I don’t know if I hit the A mark; my dearth of knowledge about circuits had me scrambling to remember what a short in a voltage source would do to the current.

5. Try mountain climbing.
This one is going to have to get pushed to April.  I procrastinated on calling REI and missed the 3/10 class.  I have to look up when the next class is…

6. Go to the gym at least 2x per week.
So far, so good, as long as I make it to the gym today.  I’ve been doing pretty well with exercising in general – walking between buildings at work, and running when we skip the gym – but I said I’d go to the gym 2x a week so that’s what I’m sticking to!

7. No buying new clothes.
So far, so good!  The trick for me is to not visit the sale section of any store.  I don’t open my Shop It To Me alerts.  I have been checking out full-price stuff (I’m an addict), but there’s no sense of urgency since I expect those to still be in stock when I can shop again.

8. Apply for jobs with 2 non-[my company] companies.
I applied at an aerospace consulting company and my company’s main competitor.  I don’t remember how long this stuff usually takes, but I feel impatient and angry that they didn’t call me the day after I submitted my resume!

9. Book honeymoon and flights home for May.
Trip for May is booked, honeymoon is pending.

10. Spend less than $350 on groceries and eating out.
We’re at $275, which scares me, although we bought a lot of stuff on our last trip and it should last us through the end of the month (not including fresh fruits/vegetables and milk).  Meh, I expected  failure when I made this goal.  We could still make it, as long I remember to not let Chad go to the store by himself!


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  1. Hurray for raises. My company just announced one too, albeit a 3% COLA raise. Seems like you get great grades so I’m confident you’ll be happy about your midterm grade. Great job on funding your honeymoon. I totally understand your feeling about lacking patience during the employment application process. I suspect many of us will need to develop this virtue. 😛

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