Things To Accomplish, March 2009

Chad and I made a trip down to Escondido to the Stone Brewery for a friend’s birthday on Saturday.  We wound up getting invited down to San Diego & went, even though we didn’t have clothes or hygiene products.  It’s actually pretty uncharacteristic of us – normally we would have skipped even the brewery tour because the driving & everything was kind of impractical.  It was kind of expensive since we then ate out & drank at the bars, but ultimately I’m glad we went!  Plus, now we have a growler of delicious Stone Levitation Ale!

You don’t come here to read about my social life, though, so here are my goals for March.

To Accomplish, March 2009

1. Save at least $1800.
This is high because I decided to pretend my tax refund came in March rather than February.   This saving amount doesn’t give me much wiggle room in the budget, but it’s good for me to push myself.

2. Figure out what to do with ad money.
As I previously said, I’m making a tiny bit of money from the ad links on my sidebar, so I have to figure out where to funnel it.  I’m thinking it will go toward the honeymoon fund.

3. Finish my giant paper.
I don’t want to procrastinate on this anymore.  I figure if I finish all the writing by the end of this month, I can work on polishing it and adding tables & graphs during April.  I don’t want to be rushing when the due date comes!

4. Ace my midterms.
I hate making grade goals (if you look back, I mostly just say that I should “study hard”) because sometimes the exam is outside your control, no matter how hard you study.  However, my classes are easy enough that I should be able to ace the exams.  Wish me luck!

5. Try mountain climbing.
I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock (no pun intended) or what, but it seems like everyone I know has been going rock climbing.  I’m not sure I’m suited for it – I have puny little wuss arms that can barely handle non-power steering – but I’d like to try it out.  Has anyone taken REI’s climbing class?  I’m tempted because it’s only $35…

6. Go to the gym at least 2x per week.
For real this time!

7. No buying new clothes.
With the exception of the dress I want for the rehearsal dinner.  I was going to buy it last month, but I realized I can get gift cards to the store through an incentive program at work.  Why buy something when I can (kind of) get it for almost free?  Other than this, though, no new clothes!

8. Apply for jobs with 2 non-[my company] companies.
I’m hoping the fact that I’ll have a Masters degree in May will entice employers.  I’ve been nervous about finding a job right now, but it can’t help to look or apply.

9. Book honeymoon and flights home for May.
Pretty self-explanatory.

10. Spend less than $350 on groceries and eating out.
We’re low on food at the moment, so I think this month will be a better test of our budgeting skills.   I’m making harder because it’s really much more fun to fail at your goals.


6 Responses

  1. I haven’t tried the REI class, but I totally want to. If you do go and need company, I totally would go. I’m puny and wussy too. I have sort of forbid myself from buying a bunch of climbing gear until I have more time, but a little class never hurt a budget… much…

    Your goals seem so specific and organized. It makes me want to go back and re-do my goals with a little less ADD.

  2. Oh you should totally take the rock climbing class! I didn’t take the REI class but there are couple of indoor rock climbing gyms in SD that I’ve been to. I’ve got wussy arms, but unless you’re doing an advanced wall, you’re going to be using your legs more often than not. (Oh, and don’t look down while you’re climbing up!) And yay to using ad money towards your wedding!

  3. You will get it done! I believe in you! (p.s. this is penny from penniesforpedicures…I decided to no longer be anonymous)

  4. I don’t think I can rock climb, I have a horrible fear of heights. I hate working in a high rise, it freaks me out. I don’t think puny arms should stop you, give it a try (says the wimp on the ground). Good luck with all of your goals too.

  5. 11. Swallow my fiance’s load

  6. More fun to fail at your goals?! Whhaaaaat?! Okay… I sort of know what you mean.

    You can totally stay on top of the gym 2x a week! Just think of your dress!

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