February Wrap-Up

To Accomplish, February 2009

1. Go to the gym 2x/week, do something else 1x/week. Fail-ish.
We averaged about 1.5 tmes per week at the gym, but I did manage to get a lot more physical activity than usual. Goal will be continued next month – even if I don’t make it, I like forcing myself to try.

2. Be about halfway through my project for Class #1. Fail.
I’ve written about 6 pages of a 60-page paper. Granted, this is unformatted and doesn’t have any of the equations/tables/graphs that the final paper will have. Still, I was hoping I would have gotten more done.

3. Finish my taxes. Done!

4. Book a photographer, band, officiant. Order wedding cake. Talk to a travel agent about the honeymoon.
Yes, yes, sorta. Yes. No. We’ve booked everything except maybe the officiant; Chad’s parent’s know a judge so I think we’re going to have him do it. I told Chad to give his parents a go-ahead, but since the guy is a family friend there was no way to formally “book” him.
We opted not to talk to a travel agent since we found a website with exactly the kind of tour we wanted to take. I’ll post more on that later in March.

5. Save $1000, plus 75% of bonus. If I get a tax refund, save all of it, less $100. Done!
Going to save 100% of my tax refund, but yes.  Threw $1400 total into savings!

6. Spend less than $400 on groceries & eating out (for both Chad and me). Win!
We spent $315.35 total, including some nights where we just pulled out cash & also bought movie tickets. I think this number was a little lower than usual because we bought a lot of food in January and didn’t have to shop a lot in February. Still, I say we win.


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  1. It’s interesting what you were saying about saving. According to oldschool “how to budget” guides, most people should be saving TEN PERCENT of their disposable income against unforseen inconveniences every month…

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