5 positive things

Inspired by Well-Heeled

5 good things in my life right now:

1. My coursework is almost laughably easy. One teacher doesn’t assign homework, and my other teacher reads powerpoint slides. I have a 70-page paper due in April, but it’s far enough away that I’m not worried yet.

2. It looks like I will be able to meet my savings goal this year! At least, if all things remain the same as they are now. That’s a long shot, of course, but somewhat comforting.

3. Chad and I were looking at honeymoons, and we found a tour that goes from London to Rome with stops in Paris, Lucerne, and Venice. It’s expensive – probably about $3000 each, but about what I was hoping for in the budget. I feel a little lame going on a guided tour, but it seems pretty low-key (like, we won’t be walking around in groups of people with fanny packs. Unless we want to).

4. I’m in the process of convincing my sister and some friends to hike Catalina Island with me for my birthday. They seem into it.

5. Chad’s parents might book my favorite French restaurant for our rehearsal dinner. I haven’t had a chance to go there since French class in 11th grade!

ETA: I’m going to be updating my blogroll soon, so if you want to be up there, let me know! I try to keep track of who’s linking me, but I sort of suck at it.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve been dreaming of a Catalina vacation that includes hiking (and just maybe scuba diving too) all year. Let me know how it goes!

    The tour sounds nice. I like to think I’m more of a do it yourself, but I think it can be more stressful/challenging if you don’t speak the language, and after a wedding, who wants stress of any kind?

  2. I think the tour sounds like a great idea!! Would you mind giving me the link (debtchronicles@hotmail.com)? Or did you find it through a local travel agency? The reason I ask is because my bf and I are going to London for his mom’s wedding near the end of the year, and I wanted to do some more traveling… that sounds like the perfect way to take in a lot of sights without too much hassle! 🙂

    Oh, and I’d love to be on your blogroll. 🙂

  3. I’ve hiked on Catalina Island before, and it was awesome. And compared to the hikes I’ve done since then (e.g. Half Dome), it was a walk in the park.

  4. It is good sometimes to take the time to appreciate what we have to be thankful for. Good luck on the wedding/honeymoon planning!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, so I added you to my blogroll. And I’d love to be on your blogroll as well.

  5. I’ve lived here for 14 years and never been to Catalina! Good luck with the honeymoon planning, I’d probably spend more on that than the wedding. I really want to take Mr M to australia for a honeymoon, but it would be expensive. Europe is wonderful but the language barrier can be stressful when all you want to do is relax. If you want to do a tour look for one that caters to young people, most are all senior citizens.

  6. @ SP: I was really tempted to try to do it myself, but I’ve never done this type of travel before. Plus since we wanted to go to France and Italy, I thought it might be smarter to find a way where wew wouldn’t need to learn the language!

    @ BGS: Yeah, from what I’ve read you sort of walk along the side of the road. I think I’m more excited about being able to go out in Avalon afterwards!

    @ SBBS Chick: Thanks! You’ll be added.

    @ Miss M: My fiance and I were thinking about moving away after I finish school, and every time I think about it, I panick over the number of classic California things we haven’t done yet!

  7. @ Sunflowers: I emailed you!

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