I conform.

So I joined Twitter, which I had been attempting to resist. 

I think I’ll like it; I happen to think almost exclusively in one-liners.

I wanted to get paranoidasteroid, but it’s 1 letter too long.  Comment to find my handle.  (Hint: I like to give my PF blogs and twitters names that do not relate even a little bit to money or finances. )

I tried to add some of the people who I could remember had them, but too many of the blogs I follow have joined lately and I am too lazy to look them up.


I swear, I will post something personal finance related in the next few days!


6 Responses

  1. You gave your real name to twitter. I figure that was probably intentional but on the off chance it wasn’t, FYI.

    My name is not very common, so giving it out basically means you can find me on google.

  2. @ SP: Ack! Thanks for letting me know. Luckily I have a ridiculously common name, although I think I’m going to change it just in case…

  3. I added you!

    Just to keep things real confusing… I’m cakelicious! (which also happens to be my blipfm dj name…ohhhhh the internet! Its so out of control.)

  4. Good catch on SP’s part, I was just totally confused by the note that [your real name] was now following me.

  5. Im only on maybe once a day, I’ll add you tonight. It’s hard to remember all of our alias names at times!

  6. @ SG: I have to keep most of my online screen names a secret. There are some nerdy internet things I used to do in high school that I don’t want people knowing about!

    @ Revanche: Yeah, I sort of joined on a whim and added the people I knew had twitters. Figured I’d write a post about it sooner or later.
    I’m not very worried about my name being out there (it’s a boring, common name), but it’s probably smart to not broadcast it!

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