How To Spend Your Clothing Budget, February

Since I’m allowed to shop this month & am planning on making March a no-shop month, I am going crazy trying to figure out what I’ll wants as we start to transition to spring.  Which will look a lot like winter, summer, and fall, at least for those of us in SoCal.

Rather than base this entry on the Wish List I just posted, I might just get some basics that I’m been drooling over for a while.

Enter American Apparel.  They just opened up a store near where I work, and I’m thinking of popping by to get some basics.  I guess AA is kind of popular with hipsters, but they have some seriously cute stuff!  (The clothing pictures are kinda porny, so I might just go try some stuff on to make sure that I will not be exposing any of my bits.)  I want:

1.  Unisex Fine Jersey Double-Breasted Cardigan, in blue. $41


2. Skirts! $30 or $32.


3. Wrap Dress, $44.


4. Cross-front dress, $36.


5. Sheer chemise, $24. For sleeping in, or layering under other dresses.


If you want to be as cool as me, you should buy this stuff too!


3 Responses

  1. They’re too porny for me to shop in.. but that wrap dress looks cute.

  2. The wrap dress is cute on…but was too low on me. You might find that you have to wear that chemise under it…and even then, you might not feel like its appropriate for work…totally great for everyday wear though!

    Those skirts! I soooooo want them to look good on me! I try them on once every three months or so, the shape just doesn’t work on me, but I’ve seen plenty of people look adorable in them.


    That crossover poplin dress is great! I wear mine with a big belt. If you want to wear it with tights – plan on a slip, something about the poplin makes it stick!

    Fun! I like you’re one on, one off with the no-shopping thing.

  3. @ SG: Ahhh, I’m glad you like the crossover poplin dress. That’s the thing I want most of all!

    Actually, the one on one off thing sounds good, but I think I’m going to spend too much this month! I’m still not used to allowing my splurges…

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