Federal Refund is $953 and state (if I get in before they set up the stupid IOUs) is $128. I probably could have planned that better.

Now I wish I’d allowed myself more than just $100 from my refund…

As an FYI, I used TaxAct‘s online returns because TurboTax wasn’t free if you itemized deductions. Even the state return was cheaper!


5 Responses

  1. Oops? Were you hoping for less, or more?

    I used TaxAct as well, mainly because I had to file two state returns this year (and pretty much every year since 2004…)

  2. I think we’re already in IOU land, they said Feb 1st was the cutoff. Sorry. I owe the state, yay. I’m getting a net $275 or so back, I try to adjust my withholding exactly. I don’t like waiting for my money 🙂

  3. @SP: Actually, I’m pretty pleased. I guess I always ignore that piece of PF advice. But since I’m a PF blogger, I figured I’d at least pretend it was a mistake.

    @Miss M: Damn, just past the cutoff! I actually wasn’t thinking I’d get that much back this year… I just decided at the last minute to donate extra money to charity and I think that helped out a lot!

  4. @PA – So the “oops” was a fake oops? Ha.

  5. Ah, but now that you have to wait for your refund don’t you wish you never loaned the state that money. I don’t agree with all pf advice but adjusting your withholding is one I do agree with.

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