January Wrap-Up + February Goals

I didn’t set up any formal goals for January, so there’s not much to report.  I’m happy to say that I did make it the whole month without shopping (of course, I immediately bought some new things on Sunday).  I also applied for & received my passport… it only took about 2 weeks!

To Accomplish, February 2009

1. Go to the gym 2x/week, do something else 1x/week.
Originally I had a goal to lift or do strengthening exercises 2x/week. The problem is that I then allow myself to skip the gym and just do some of the stuff on the Wii Fit. I suppose it’s better than nothing, but in order to get Jessica Biel-esque shoulders, I need to actually use some weights. Now my goal is to go to the gym & have 1 day where I get some other activity – whether it’s the Wii Fit or walking between buildings at work or going for a run at night.

2. Be about halfway through my project for Class #1.
Basically, we have to summarize our book in a 60-page paper. The last time I had this professor, I had to finish the paper on my birthday because I left it until the last minute. It’s not hard, so I should just get it done. Especially since it’s due the day after my birthday again this year.

3. Finish my taxes.
Primary calculations indicate that I’m getting back a sizable refund. Part of this is due to some exta charity donations I made in December. Truthfully, I love getting a refund. I know it’s a bad PF thing, but there’s something so satisfying about getting a big check. Not to mention, Uncle Same needs some money. I don’t mind giving him an interest-free loan of money I didn’t even miss.

4. Book a photographer, band, officiant.  Order wedding cake.  Talk to a travel agent about the honeymoon.
I am really trying to keep wedding stuff to a minimum, I swear. It’s just that MY WHOLE LIFE IS REVOLVING AROUND THIS STUPID THING. This behemoth is threatening my savings plan for the year, and it’s stressing me out. On the plus side, we found a photographer in our budget, and Chad’s parent’s felt so strongly about us getting a band that they offered to pay for it. I am not above accepting bribes.

It’s generally not advisable to try to have a “real” vacation for a honeymoon, but I want to go to Europe.  I was thinking of seeing several different countries, and finishing the trip with 5-7 days in the French Riviera or Monaco.  This way, I get to justify a trip to Europe, but we also get a few days of something more traditional.  We’re going to talk to a travel agent, just to see if they can help us book part or all of the trip.  Since we have no idea what we’re doing.

5. Save $1000, plus 75% of bonus.  If I get a tax refund, save all of it, less $100.
I was so tempted to insist that I save all of my bonus and all of my (possible) refund, but in pursuit of my unofficial goal of allowing myself to spend money, I’m giving myself a little bit of an allowance. Good thing, too, since I hit the Marc by Marc Jacobs sale at Gilt.com.

6. Spend less than $400 on groceries & eating out (for both Chad and me).
Joining Give Me Back My Five Bucks‘s February challenge. We spent more than this in January (most of it on groceries), and I’m hoping we can get back on track for February.


13 Responses

  1. Why shouldn’t you have a real vacation for your honeymoon? That’s what I was planning, I don’t have enough time and money for both! My best friend went to France for their honeymoon and had a wonderful time, I say do whatever makes you happy. I’d rather go someplace I’ve always wanted to visit than lay around a beach somewhere cause that’s what everyone says you should do.

  2. Ohhh. I think I’m going to steal that $400 on groceries and eating out goal! I purchase most of our groceries…he picks up other things (like internet and utilities…) $400 feels like a fair amount.

    Good luck on your goals! And nice work on your shopping-free January!

  3. Hmmm, I can’t find my passport for the life of me. I supposed I should tack getting a new one on my goals. I keep avoiding it because it cost $$, even though it is really not very much. At all.

    Assuming we don’t just get married somewhere tropical (which we are leaning towards), I’d def. make a real vacation out of a honeymoon. I don’t care that people say you should lounge in a hotel, relax, and celebrate the marriage. I can lay around on the beach here (though, I should admit I can’t really swim in the water without turning into an ice cube).

    Good luck this month!

  4. I love the idea of a real vacation for your honeymoon, so long as you make sure you have a day or two recover when you return.

    My friends are voting for destination weddings, though, to which I say: Give me enough notice! My travel fund is not healthy enough to handle more than one destination/year.

    Regarding the weights/lifting: you could get a couple of small free weights to keep around the house and get a few sets in when you’re reading or something. That’s what I usually do.

  5. Btw, nice job on nearly suckering me into clicking on that gilt.com link. I’m steering WAY clear. 🙂

  6. @ Miss M: That’s exactly how I feel! Not to mention, I have extremely fair skin, so it’s not practical for me to go to a tropical island. I’d have to spend all day in the hotel.

    @ Seattle Girl: I don’t know what happened to us – we were spending maybe $250 on grocieries & like $100 on eating out. I think the problem might actually be that we’re getting more fresh produce, so we make more trips. I’d rather not sacrifice health for $50/month, so I upped our budgets.

    @SP: Go for the tropical wedding! And I put off getting my passport for the same reason.

    @ Revanche: I’ve been meaning to upgrade my free weights. The ones I have are just 5lbs, and that’s not enough for a lot of the exercises I like to do!
    I don’t know why I even subscribed to the Gilt letters. The markdowns are amazing, but just because the $500 dress is marked down to $150 doesn’t mean I need it. Regardless, I got the most adorable dress and I just can’t feel bad about the purchase!

  7. Adorable dress? Picture, please! (It’s ok to admire what someone else has already got, I won’t go out and buy the same one.)

  8. Wow! Save 75% of your bonus? Ha ha. I guess that’s why your net worth is waaay positive. Great goals! (And don’t feel too bad about blogging about your wedding. It’s a big expense and how you deal with it is pretty interesting.) Just no whining. There’s no crying in baseball and there’s certainly no whining in wedding planning!

  9. @ Revanche: http://www.polyvore.com/marc_jacobs_ace_spades_silk/thing?id=1447821

    @ shtinkykat: Sadly, bonuses aren’t that big this year. I figure, I’ll give myself enough to cover all the shopping I’m planning to do this month and then save the rest. I’ve started getting really excited about the honeymoon, and I’m trying to save enough so we can take a lot of time and really enjoy our vacation.

    I’m probably going to start writing more about the wedding, actually. I don’t know if I can hold it in anymore!

  10. Good luck with your new goals. Unfortunately my wedding has featured a lot on my blog too – but it’s usually money-related, so I don’t care! Do whatever you want for your honeymoon! We are doing the beach thing, mainly because just getting to our wedding is a mamoth trip to the other side of the world! I just want to sleep and relax and we travel for a lot during the year throughout Europe anyway (the joys of living in the UK!!) Try to enjoy your wedding planning. I know it sounds stupid to say when you’re stressing, but now that my planning is winding up I am a bit sad that it’s all coming to an end; I’m determined to enjoy being a bride for the next 2 weeks and not stress!

  11. I agree with others–go on a real vacation for your honeymoon! As time goes on it only gets harder and harder to carve out time for special vacations so I say go for it. Just give yourself a day or two after the wedding to chill before flying, AND a day or two after coming home before returning to work.

  12. […] planning stage almost done with, I’m excited for others who are planning their weddings (Paranoid Asteroid and Sallie’s Niece to name two), and will read along with great interest to see how/if this […]

  13. […] planning stage almost done with, I’m excited for others who are planning their weddings (Paranoid Asteroid and Sallie’s Niece to name two), and will read along with great interest to see how/if this […]

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