Wish List, Spring 2009

It was in the 70s and 80s here in LA for the past few weeks, and all of a sudden, I want it to be spring.  This is not right, since I’m finally able to wear all the sweaters I bought & moaned over last fall when it was too warm to wear them. Now they seem so… covered up. They’re still cozy, but my eye has been wandering.

I’m not shopping this month (1/6!), so I’ve been scouring online for new spring lines and checking blogs for cute stuff I may have missed.

It’s unlikely any of us will be needing this for a few more months, but with all the sales, perhaps someone could scoop up some items that follow the trends for this spring.  I’m actually going to be trying to find trends that are wearable, since those of us blogging about personal finance probably don’t have too many places to wear Phillip Lim’s zipper-trim tanks.  Or the money to afford it, no matter how beautiful it may be.

Sarah’s Wishlist, Spring 2009

1. A trench coat.
I have been wanting a nice trench for about 2 years now, but could never quite bring myself to take the plunge. This year, however, they were all over the runways & I’ve been seeing them in stores.

2. Hot pink. In fact, neon colors all around.
Isaac Mizrahi had a dress with just a teensy bit of lime green sticking out at the top & underneath the skirt. Cute!

3. Bold necklaces.
This is a carry over from Fall, but I never found anything I liked. Clearly, I must renew my efforts!

4. Black and white dresses.
I was looking for something for my rehearsal dinner, and this seems like the perfect solution. The little black dress is not quite edgy enough, and a little white dress would be playing a bit too much toward the wedding. Black + white seems like the perfect solution!

5. Bracelets.
Lots of them, laddered up my arms. The only problem will be finding ones that don’t slide too much on my mutant tiny wrists.

6. A flowered skirt & striped t-shirt.
Michael Kors paired stripes and polka dots on the runway, and while I’m not nearly that adventurous (I think I’d get dizzy looking at them together), flowers and stripes seem like the perfect compromise.

7. A military jacket.
Not like camouflage, more like a marching band uniform. If I had lots of money, this jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim would be perfect. There was also a nice one at Topshop, but it was still a little out of my price range.

8. Zippers!
I’m going to use my bachelorette party as an excuse to get a dress with a big, exposed zipper.

9. Blue dresses.
Clearly, I needed an more excuses to buy dresses.

10. A new bathing suit.
Some websites are saying that bikinis are a trend for this summer. I’m not sure, since I feel like bikinis & bathing suits in general don’t have trends. I’m sort of in love with this one from AE. Alas, any bathing suit I buy has to have a built in bra since my breast are powerless against gravity.

11. More sandals!
I bought 2 pairs last summer and they became my go-to-shoes for everything. These shoes are so cute, and you might as well go to Urban Outfitters since I would buy their whole stock of sandals if I could.

Is there anything YOU really want for this spring/summer?


8 Responses

  1. I want… a vacation. Preferably, a “spa-cation”. hahaha. It’d cost so much more than shirts or shoes though. :/

  2. EGADS. Neon’s making a comeback? OMG, I’m having flashbacks of the 80s and I’m humming Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!
    BTW, I love black and white dresses too. I have one from Donna Ricco that’s similar to the famous one worn by Michelle Obama on the View. I love it!
    Can’t say I have wishlist other than for the economy and stock market to thaw before spring!

  3. You know what, a deep emerald green, or dark grey satin trench coat would be the ULTIMATE.

    I have it on my list to ‘look out for’, but doubt I will ever find it.

    Bracelets for me, not so much. I work on a computer a lot. Clicking and clacking would not be hot.

    Black and white dresses = yes. Esp in a cute pattern. Like the one I just bought with circles.

    A military jacket, agreed. I like the style of the buttons and the clasps…

  4. Exposed zippers are back in? Well, that’s great, because I recently “inherited” a “vintage” (its hard for me to think of the 80’s as vintage, lol) very fitted high waisted skirt with bright neon flowers and an exposed zipper all the way down. It seems as though I’ve unknowingly bought into several spring trends, lol. (I know it sounds hideous, but I think the skirt really has potential!)

    By the way, that bathing suit is gorgeous!! I wouldn’t know which color to get! (Although I’m thinking black polka dotted….[sigh]) And those sandals look a LOT like my absolutely favorite sandals of all time (that I got in two colors at payless, but got rid of because they were starting to look disgustingly used)….I need to try them on. Do you know if they have them in stores?

    Ugh…see what you’ve done now?! lol.

  5. @WH: I got my first real massage a couple of months ago, and now I can never try any other spa treatment. Because nothing compares to a real massage, and I’m afraid I’ll become equally obsessed with facials/mud wraps/etc.

    @ shtinkykat: I should not be spending on clothes at all right now; I should be saving up for the wedding. I can’t seem to help it!

    @ FB: I think the thought of an emerald green trench coat just showed me the way to fashion nirvana.

    @ QL Girl: I think you should rock that skirt! If we’re going to relive the 80s, might as well go all the way.
    I was definitely looking at the polka dots, myself. Not sure about the sandals… I find that if I go into stores, I will buy something so I’ve been trying to avoid the temptation!

  6. An *answer* already about whether or not I’ll have a job. Nothing material right now, even though all the clothing suggestions are tantalizing, and sound gorgeous.

    I’m sort of digging the warmer weather, maybe I’ll be able to wear cute warm weather gear this weekend!

  7. 70s and 80s? *sigh*

    Looking forward to buying clothes that don’t require a scarf, gloves, and fuzzy hat as accessories! (I’m in the Midwest.)

  8. […] than base this entry on the Wish List I just posted, I might just get some basics that I’m been drooling over for a […]

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