Stupid, stupid

I guess it happens to the best of us.

I put a lot of stuff on my credit card at the end of the year.  Stuff like joint gifts (so I could get paid back before even paying the bill) and charitable donations (since I am getting married this year and probably won’t be able to give away above the $10K deduction, I put part of 2009 charity on the credit card so it could be deducted in 2008 but not be paid until 2009).  The balance is the highest it has been since I nearly maxed it out during my move to LA 3.5 years ago.

I didn’t forget to pay it or anything, so at least I’m not paying interest or late fees on $3000 worth of stuff.  And I have the money to cover it, it’s all planned purchases and budgeted amounts.

But my credit card is linked to Chad & my joint account.  I accidentally paid it with that.

Now with rent coming due, we have $186 left in the account.

Luckily Chad noticed!

I am so smooth.

4 Responses

  1. Whoops! Good for Chad, noticing that something was wrong!

    Yeah, I wouldn’t claim “best of us” status but I sure do still pull bonehead financial mistakes of most varieties once in a while.

    Like going to the ATM and forgetting to withdraw $20 AGAIN. How am I going to make it anywhere else when I no longer work with a friend who always has cash? *tsk*

  2. Um, I bounced my mortgage check last month! The bank got ambitious on me, it always takes a week from when I mail it till it clears. I mailed it Tuesday afternoon and it was cashed/cleared Wednesday?? S*it happens, at least you guys caught it . Chad to the rescue!

  3. All’s well that ends well. Good job to Chad for averting the overdraft monster. I’m just happy to read that people who are on the ball like you can make the occasional bonehead mistakes. 😀

  4. Certainly does happen to the best of us! Go Chad!

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