Breathe in, breathe out

I’m in the process of posting my New Year’s Resolutions for 2009, so hopefully that will be up tomorrow.

One of my goals was to have 6 no-spending-money-on-personal-items-i.e.-clothes months in 2009.  I figured I could make it through January easily, and look forward to spending a Gap gift card from my grandparents in February (technically not spending money).  That would give me 2 months right off the bat.

Argh, but the sales!  A $30 dress that I’ve been watching since it was $80!  Tank tops that would look perfect layered under some of my new sweaters!  Shoes!  OMG, so many adorable shoes!  It’s all on sale, tempting me, taunting me with its 70% off stickers!  All of my favorite blogs – PF blogs, fashion blogs, even some news websites are getting in on the action – are showcasing the great deals to be had right now.

This is why I suck at the no-spending-money-on-clothes-for-X-months challenges.  The second I say I won’t spend money on clothes, that’s all I want to do!

Repeat after me:
I do not need another dress.  I do not wear the dresses I have, which are possibly even more adorable than this one.  My closet is full of awesome things, and some other items whose awesomeness is waiting to be discovered.  I do not need more button-downs.  I do not need this button-down just because it has ruffles.  I do not need more shoes.  I am going to have to reassemble my 2nd shoe rack because I already have too many shoes.  I do not need a new winter coat – I don’t even experience real winter!  I could go for some new tights, but as we’ve already covered, I don’t actually wear the dresses that said tights would look so adorable with!

There will always be another sale.  There will always be cute clothes that will complete my life if only I own them.  There will always be amazing dresses and button-downs (with ruffles, even) and patterned tights.  And if you don’t buy this stuff right now, you will not have to skip those beautiful things next season because you spent all of your money at after-Christmas sales.

Breathe, and look at Spring 2009 runways.  Better, yes?


4 Responses

  1. You know, that’s exactly what happens! It’s not until I actively decide that I’m not allowed to spend that I suddenly start craving all kinds of stuff. So yes: shut your eyes and breathe deeply of the not-spending. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Ahhh! The sales! I’ve been trying not to look also! It can mean absolutely nothing but bad news for my budget.

    I like your idea of 6 months of no shopping… easier to stay faithful to the plan if you can choose to take an off month come the first. I might give it a try, since my no-shopping spree sort of dissolved once I changed my rules. (Not completely dissolved….but I’ve been doing some justifying “well, if I buy this, then I’ll just sell this….”)

    Good luck! Keep visiting the cute things you don’t wear in your closet! Maybe loan them to a friend – once you see how cute your clothes look out and about you may have reignited the spark!

  3. Six months of no shopping… I fear I’d just spend more when it was “allowed.” I have to say, I your “own clothes I actually like” goal much better. Much more fun!

    love the last paragraph, especially “There will always be cute clothes that will complete my life if only I own them. ” I feel that so much right now!

  4. […] shopping non-stop since June. I have already failed my no-shopping-6-months-this-year resolution. I will reread this post from January over and over again. Christmas is coming, and I can create elaborate wish lists instead. If all else fails, I have a […]

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