2008 in Review

I was so busy thinking up goals for 2009 that I never bothered to check how I did for 2008!

2008 New Years Resolutions

1. Fully fund my Roth IRA.
I did this way back in January, and instead of dollar cost averaging, I decided to make it easy for myself and just contributed it as a lump sum. Unfortunately, if you look at my balance, you would never notice that I put anything in.

2. Save an additional $10,000 $15,000.
Done. I actually managed to save a little more than half of my take-home pay (after taxes & 401K withdrawals), which impresses me. I don’t think I’m going to try for a repeat of that, though.

3. Contribute 20% of my salary to my 401K.
Done. Fat lot of good it did me.

4. Find a better place to stash savings.
Since ING’s rates kept slipping, I was thinking of doing a money market or investment account. I wound up opening a CD, and I’m so glad I went for that. It’s short-term stuff anyway, so the stock market didn’t make much sense.

5. Donate at least $2000 to charity.
Done, plus a little extra so I could hit 5% of my take-home pay.

It’s funny, last year I had a bunch of other stuff I wanted to do but my philosophy was that those goals weren’t any sort of development, more of a list of things to do.  I wonder how many of the things I unofficially wanted actually got accomplished.  There are a few of those goals scrawled in the pages of my personal notebooks, stuff like buying a new computer (done), find a new job (not done, but close), the awesome goal “own clothes I actually like” (I’m getting there!),  etc.

For 2009, I am looking at the resultions as a To Do list.  There will be some self-improvement in there, but I no longer worry that I won’t be able to achieve my goals.  They will all take effort, but they’re all goals I think I can meet.  Writing things down always helps, so hopefully no goals will fall throught he cracks this year.

I’ll try to get my 2009 Goals posted sometime this week!  Happy new Year!


3 Responses

  1. Holy cow, you had a great 2008! Here’s to a better 2009. Cheers!

  2. You saved a lot of money last year, I’m impressed. I know the market wasn’t kind though, usually lump sum investing early pays off. Oh well, hope you have a successful 2009.

  3. @ Shtinkykat: it’s weird… all 2008 I felt like I was falling behind & overspending. I did really well, but it was stressful. 2009 is going to be my year of conscious SPENDING since 2008 was my year of insane saving.

    @ Miss M: Yeah, a lot of the money has disappeared into the ether. I threw myself into saving more cash so that I could feel better about the losses in my retirement accounts!

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