December Wrap-Up

I was feeling sort of guilty about not posting, but it seems like most people took a break for the holidays.

1. Bring my clothes to the Salvation Army. Done!
Done, even though we had to return 3 times since they never had receipts.

2. Study hard for my exams. Done!
I sort of slacked off at the end of the year, but I still managed to get two A’s and one A-.

3. Donate the remainder of my charity budget to worthy charities. Done!
I donated the remainder of my budget, plus a little bit of the amount I wanted to give for 2009. Since I’ll be married next year (and Chad is not a charity guy), I probably will not be able to give enough to beat the standard deduction. So I figured I’d give a little extra now and apply it toward 2008.

4. Work out at least 4 times per week. Done.
Chad found the Wii Fit in a Best Buy near work, so we bought it (since we don’t exchange gifts). I love it. We played with it almst every day.

5. Buy the rest of my Christmas presents. Done.
An easy goal.

6. Take my picture for my USC ID. Done.
I sort of look like a serial killer, but I found a light blue wall at my Uncle’s house and wanted to take advantage of it.

7. Fill out my application for candidacy. Done.
It’s sitting on my desk at home, waiting for my grades to be filled in. That makes it real. Wow.

8. Break even on spending this month. Maybe?
I have no idea, I haven’t tracked my spending AT ALL. This is something I will do when I get back from my vacation.

9. Finish posting my organics series. Fail.

10. Set up goals & budget for 2009. Fail.
I set up a rough budget (it has big, round numbers, I love it), but no goals yet. I’ve been doing almost nothing since I’ve been home.

Everyone have a great New Year!  I’ll be in New York City, I bought a faux fur coat for the occasion.


2 Responses

  1. Yea.. I spaced on tracking my spending this month too. That’s my new thing for 2009. Tracking EVERYTHING.

    You did do quite well though 🙂

    Fabulously Broke in the City
    Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver…

  2. Good job on accomplishing the big stuff. P.S. Congrats on the Trojans’ three-peat in the Rose Bowl. (I’m not sure but I thought I read somewhere that your undergrad was Penn State? If so, the Rose Bowl must have been interesting to watch.) Here’s to a prosperous 2009.

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