Things we don’t plan for

I flew to the East Coast on Saturday, and had probably one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had while flying.

I was inexplicably not allowed to check in at the computer terminals at LAX and had to wait for a United rep. The problem was that there were only 2 employees there, so I had to wait an HOUR. After the rep had printed out my tickets, she couldn’t tell me why I hadn’t been able to check in myself. She did waive my bag fee, though, and was still cheerful even though there were hundreds of people clamoring for her attention.

On my longest flight (~4 hours), they ran out of toilet paper halfway through. That was awesome. We had to use paper towels.

The final issue, and the main point of this post, was that my baggage is lost. Apparently they have found it, but their courier service is overloaded and while my bags were supposed to arrive before noon yesterday, they’re still not here. I held off buying anything new until last night, when I caved and bought some jeans and a few pairs of underwear. (My sister lives here, so I was able to borrow some of her clothes for the first 2 days.)

I’m lucky that I’m staying with family & that I was here for a personal visit. If this kind of thing had happened last year, when I traveled for work, I would have been in a much worse position. I’m also lucky that I had money available to buy some clothes to tide me over.

The advice I’ve been getting a lot would have been more helpful BEFORE my bags were lost. Apparently, everyone I know carries a change of clothes with them on the airplane. (We’ll ignore that I know for a fact that they don’t actually do this.) Still, that would have been helpful, and a few pairs of panties in a Ziploc bag wouldn’t have taken up too much extra space in my carry-on bag. I dressed for comfort in a soft sweater dress and tights, rather than wearing jeans, which would have been much more versatile.

Do you budget for lost/missing luggage when you travel? I guess if I had to,I could have put it on a credit card and waited for the airline reimbursement.

Anyway, let’s just hope I don’t have to write up a post on “How to Rebuild A Wardrobe With The Paltry Money Airlines Give You After They Lose Your Suitcase and All of Your Favorite Clothes.” Argh.


4 Responses

  1. Augh and you just bought new stuff, too!

    Yeah, everyone says to bring a change of clothes in your carry-on, and despite having my luggage lost on the way to Vietnam earlier this year, I still have a hard time remembering that. A couple pairs of underwear and at least a change of shirt wouldn’t take up much room at all.

    Hope your luggage is delivered, and soon!

  2. This is why I refuse to check anything in.

    Even travelling for a month, I refused to check in bags. I did it with 1 carry on. But if you have presents, I can see how that sucked 😦

    And your fave clothes too….

    I hate, hate hate baggage and airlines.

  3. There are actually people who budget for lost luggage? That’s news to me. Sorry to hear about your air travel from hell. Your post reminded me of a business trip I took to Myrtle Beach, SC. I like to be comfortable when I fly, so I usually wear jeans, sweatshirt and tennies. I should’ve known there was trouble when the airline people asked for volunteers to give up their seat since the “plane was too heavy”. Little did I realize that the puddle hopper plane was too heavy because every guy on the plane brought his stupid golf bag. Anyhow, no one volunteered. Unbeknownst to me, the airline “volunteered” my luggage. I had to attend my business meeting in jeans, tennies and a hoodie. Ever since then, I NEVER check bags on business travel. P.S. complain to the airline vociferously. I got my return flight upgraded to first class. 😀

  4. I think the only thing I’d bring along (assuming I don’t just use a carryon for everything) would be medicine and a few snacks.

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