Is December is the final exam for 2008 savings?

Last night I took my last final.

I was already feeling burnt out from the other 2 exams I had taken, and from work, where everyone is trying to finish things before the end of the year. I admit, I didn’t study as hard as I should have, especially since this class was one of my best (I was #3 in a class of about 100 people!) & our midterm was really easy.

Naturally, he made the test a little more difficult, and cut the testing time down. If I’d had the extra half hour, I think I would have done really well. If I’d studied a little harder, I might not have needed to flip through my notes quite as much. If this was my first test (not my third), I might have aced it.

It got me thinking about this month and how I decided to take it easy. I’ve done enough, I told myself, and I’ve been tired from all of the work I’ve done. And really, saving came pretty easily this year; I never felt like I was denying myself anything that I truly wanted.

Are there parallels between this and school? Should I be putting in a final push to save for the end of the year? There is a big, shiny, round savings milestone sitting $350 away from what I’ve saved so far this year. I’ll still probably get an A in my class – everyone else was bitching after the exam – and I’ve still done an incredible amount of saving this year.

Ultimately, I think I made a good choice, even if it’s not necessarily the “right” one. Sometimes you can only push yourself so far.


2 Responses

  1. Doesn’t it feel so great to be done?! I mean seriously, if you still (probably) got an A, you definitely did the right thing, even if the test was a little tougher than anticipated.

    As far as savings goes, I don’t know. I don’t think it is possible to push month after month, and it certainly isn’t necessary when you aren’t… trying to get out of debt or something. Which you definitely aren’t.

    I’m in support of relaxing in December!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your last exam. You must be relieved. I think there are times when you can just skate. And what better time than December?

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