Not having goals is harder than it should be

Having no set financial goals this month is throwing me off a little bit. Normally I’d be checking & rechecking my budget, looking for ways to cut costs. I’d be in a race not only to meet my goals but to beat them.

This month, though, my primary expenditures are charity and gifts. These aren’t areas where I feel comfortable cutting back. If I can spend $1K on clothes, I can spend as much on gifts for other people! And I would like to donate as much as I can to charity before next year, when everything will be in flux and it’s bound to slip through the cracks.

I also really want to go shopping. I want a fabulous dress for New Years, but I’m torn between getting something really fancy that knocks everyone’s socks off & not going overboard & getting a ridiculous dress that I’ll only wear once. I don’t party much, so getting a feathered dress for $300 seems silly. Not to mention that H&M is bound to have something sufficiently awesome, so I really should just wait until I get to PA. No sales tax on clothes there, either.

Ugh. I know I’m rambling.

Send me pictures of your favorite party dresses! Here are mine!


1. Theory 2. Express 3. Express (again) 4. AE (not a dress, I don’t care) 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs 6. Silence & Noise (via UO)


4 Responses

  1. I love dress number 2!! Great color, and really cute style….too bad its a bit trendy (not to mention the $128!) I also love #6. I guess I like blue ruffles!

  2. Number 2 is gorgeous!

  3. love that #2 express dress. It’s ruffly, fun (erg.. at the price tag), but looks like it could stand on its own without much decoration.. maybe a big chunky bangle but that’s it.

    I don’t think it’s TOO trendy, it’s quite cute…!

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