October Wrap-Up (or, I Suck, October 2008)

I fail so hard.  I blame this on having exams and trying to put together Halloween costumes at the last minute.

1. Get my USC Student ID.

2. Work out ~3 times per week.

3. Write up list of clothing donations.

4. Write the organics article that has been bouncing around in my head.
Part 1 is written, so I guess I’ll post that some time this week.  At the very least, it will give factual information so people will stop telling me that organic foods use no pesticides.

5. Study for my midterms.
I gotta say, I worked really hard on this.  I only got 1 score back so far, but it was a good one.  It was also the first test I took in my easiest class, but I’ll take it!

6. Save at least $2800.
Yay!  I saved $3K, thanks to a performance based award at work.

7. Celebrate Chad’s birthday.
He had a wonderful birthday, or so he says.  I am the best girlfriend EVER.

This month in general was really bad.  We waaaaay overspent on our trip to San Diego this weekend.  Worst of all was the brunch we went to on Sunday.  We were tired & hungry, so we went to a breakfast buffet at Cozymel.  None of us bothered to check the prices (they weren’t posted anywhere), but it turns out it was $17 per person!  Not to mention that they didn’t have most of the food while we were there!  There was an untended omelets bar & no bacon (and we were there for like 2 hours!), and I’m pretty sure some of the fruit had gone bad.  NOT recommended for brunch, and I don’t think I’ll ever go there again for ANY meal.

Retirement accounts have fallen further, and my Roth IRA is very close to being down by the amount of money I put in this year.  This sucks.

Things that don’t suck:  Halloween costumes that were made up mostly of things we already owned + about $30 worth of craft supplies.

We were Link and Princess Zelda!


5 Responses

  1. Well, we all have bad months here and there 🙂 I’ve been naughty lately with my necklace purchasing…!!!

  2. It’s so much more heartbreaking when you spend money on things you end up not even enjoying one bit (brunch).

    Besides your “failure”, you saved 3k, threw your bf a nice birthday, did great on your midterms, and had a vacation! Not too shabby. If saving 3k is a failure, I’d like to trade financial lives. 🙂

  3. You prioritized your goals and I agree that your exams are the most important. I wouldn’t worry too much about the other stuff because you can always get around to doing them. I LOVE your costumes! (Although Cozymel’s sucked, I hope you enjoyed San Diego!)

  4. You don’t suck! Check out those savings! And those costumes!

  5. I’ve been reading about your organics article for a while now, and every time you mention it I think to myself “you should send her that article you read months ago!!” I kept forgetting about it until now though. lol. I’m not sure its the same angle you were looking at researching, I’m not even sure how factual any of it is, or how reliable the source is, but I thought I should send it over!


    By the way, I’m looking forward to the article, even if its just a list of facts or links.

    Oh, and cute costumes!!

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