How to Spend Your Clothing Budget, Part 1

So, I give myself a clothing budget every month.  I’m not supposed to spend more than $100, although I’ve been a bit more lax with myself lately since fall is starting and I need/want some new clothes.

I have been looking at this Express dress for nearly a month now.  Every time I look at it, I want it. (By the way, did we all know the Express has an online store now?)  This is the inspiration for my inaugural “How To Spend Your Clothing Budget” post, hopefully more to come.

1. Express Dress, $79.50 – Go to and find a code that will let you save $30 on a $75 purchase (I’ve seen them!)
2. Express Diamond tights, $16.50 – They don’t have to be from Express, I just didn’t feel like surfing to another site.  I’m loving that the patterned tights trend has remained for this year!  I have an extensive collection, but now I need more dresses to show them off!
3. Ann Talor Loft Shoes, $29.50 – They’re on sale!  If you see something else you like while you’re there, has a code for $25 off $50!

Total cost: $125.50, or with $30 off coupon, $95.50! Not including tax &/or shipping.

I think that this outfit could work at the office OR for a nice night out.  The flats are practical for running around the office, or for trekking to a bunch of different bars.  Questions about why you’re so dressed up are your problem, though.

What do you guys think?  A decent way to spend $100, or do you just think I have awful taste?


ETA: I know Get Rich slowly already posted this, but for those who haven’t seen it, Ramit posted a video and is answering questions on his blog.  The video is a really good one; I know some people were feeling panicky, and I think he does a good job of bringing the focus back to our money as opposed to Lehman Brothers or AIG’s money.  Highly recommended.


9 Responses

  1. I think that’s a very cute outfit, perfect for work and going out afterwards. I have been fighting my urge to go shopping for some new fall outfits but I don’t think my resolve will last much longer! 🙂

  2. Even when I try to walk away from things I know I should not buy but really love, I obsess about them, and plan all of the different outfits they could make…and inevitably buy them (but not right now! 6 month no-buying spree – I will have to live vicariously through you)

    I’m with you for patterned tights – love them. I think this outfit is cute, not to mention quite the bang for your buck! Have you tried the dress on? I’m a little concerned about the puff sleeves and high neckline — but if it looks good on, go for it!

    I’m more likely to wait a month until I have double the clothing budget and get this – but hey, thats why I’m banned from shopping 😉

  3. @Frugal: My resolve held off until I saw all the cardigans. I’m a big fan, and now it’s embarassing to mention how many long v-neck cardigans I have!

    @Seattle Girl: The only thing keeping me from buying the dress is that I have’t gotten a chance to try it on yet. My body is impossible to fit usually, so I always have to go to the store and make sure it will work.

  4. @SG: also, that dress is gorgeous!

  5. I need advice on how NOT to spend my clothing budget! Very cute though. I never feel like I have enough of the basics to actually create “outfits”, but maybe I’m doing this all wrong.

    It took express long enough to get online. I wish H&M would follow.

    I need cardigans so badly right now–there are such wild temperature fluctuations at work–my current sweater are warm but not cute at all. 😦

  6. Yes, I moved! Sorry I didn’t make that very clear on the other site. I should fix that. Thanks for the coat/shoes suggestions!

  7. I think that would make for a really nice, put together outfit! I LOVE that dress!

  8. So this is random, but I was searching the express sale section and saw that dress for $40, and thought it was featured in this post. So if you refrained from buying this long and still want it…. I definitely loaded up my shopping cart with $75 worth of stuff, but didn’t buy….

    I’ve been wanting a sweater dress for awhile, but I kind of was hoping for a shade of brown. But I probably wouldn’t wear it often enough to justify it. :/

  9. @ SP: Temptress! I actually bought myself some sweater dreses at Gap a month or so ago, and have recreated this outfit in many different ways.

    I highly recommend sweater dresses – it’s like wearing a really comfortable robe or a nightgown, but people think you’ve put in effort. I was home for 2 weeks and wore both of mine twice!

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