August Recap

In a comment on another blog, I described August as a month of financial epic fail.

As far as my monthly goals, I didn’t do too well.

1. Either save 50% of my take-home pay or save $750 and buy my wedding dress.
Argh!  I did not do either one!  At least my reason was okay — I made a big contribution to the Griffith Observatory, which comes out of my charity budget for the year.  I forgot to buy the dress, but I have just enough August money left over, so I’ll buy it with that and save nothing for the month.

2. Continue not buying new clothes.
Ugh, I fail at life.  I did buy a new shirt at Anthropologie, and while I can justify it by saying that I needed to check the balances, I’m sure they would have checked them without a purchase.  I’m not sure I would have made it anyway.  I was getting really antsy.

3. Buy a birthday present for my Grandmom.
At least there’s one thing I actually accomplished!

4. Minimize other discretionary spending.
Nope.  I bought the gift cards, some friends came for a visit and we went to Hollywood, I renewed my mom’s Barnes and Noble membership, I went out to eat a few times…

5. Move to my new job.
No, but I did nag them.  I never had much control over this anyway.

6. Read and take note on one of my textbooks before the semester starts.
I read most of it.  I also worked ahead on another class.  I’ll write more about this later.

7. Get some physical activity.
Kinda?  I don’t know, sometimes I’ll get in 5 or 6 workouts in a week, and sometimes I’ll be lazy and go once.  I don’t think I did too badly this month, so I’m giving myself a B.

8. Send out thank you cards for engagement presents.
I send out the ones to my family members, but I haven’t nagged Chad enough, so there’s still a handful waiting to be written.  I nagged Chad about Save the Dates, but I don’t think he has taken care of them yet.

9. Buy books and submit reimbursements.
I did this, but later than I wanted, so the reimbursement should be coming this week.
The numbers for this month weren’t terrible.  I won’t be putting any money into savings so I can buy my dress, but since I gave money to charity, that’s just money I won’t be spending later this year.  Discretionary spending comes out of a special account, so as long as I have money in there, I’m not supposed to feel guilty about spending it.

I really think some of the bad feeling is coming from the fact that I bought the shirt when I promised myself I wouldn’t.  It’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to admit that I was suffering from not letting myself spend money on clothes.  Now that I’m “allowed” to shop again, I don’t even really want to.  My guess is that the fact that it was “forbidden” was what had me thinking about it anyway!

Probably the thing that had me feeling worst was just the enormous outlay of money.  I had to buy textbooks, and I bought the gift cards.  We went way over our food budget for the month (I made the mistake of sending Chad to the store; he always manages to spend huge amounts of money but I think he gets mostly junk food because it’s 2 days later and I don’t think any of the food is left).  We were over on our eating out budget, over on miscellaneous spending.  The only thing we were OK with was gas, but that’s more due to prices falling than anything else.

Have to rein in spending for this month.  It should be easy since I’m back in school (full time, more on that later) and thus will have no time for a life!


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