Quick update

Lame update today, but a few people were concerned about the balance of the gift cards I bought off eBay.  I am happy to report that they arrived with exactly the correct balances.

I am somewhat less happy to report that I did buy a shirt at Anthropologie while checking the balances.  It was full-priced and everything!  Now, like a dieter who cheats by having a piece of cake, I feel like the no-clothes-buying is already broken so I may as well go all out and eat the whole cake/spend all the money.

Luckily, the closest Anthropologie is 5 miles away and Chad has the car today. I’m hoping the urge to splurge will pass before he gets home.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you got your gift cards with the right balances on them. With eBay, it’s all about buying from somebody that’s credible- ALWAYS check their feedback scores!

    I once bought a software program (Photoshop 7) on eBay and got sent a PIRATED copy! 😦

  2. Thank goodness they had balances at all! But I guess you could report the account through ebay. Who knows if that would actually get your money back though.

    Thanks for the comment today! It’s good to hear how other people do things! 🙂

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